Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CrossFit Total

Back Squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Compare to 111109.

...now say "Clavicle Sternum Dislocation" 3 times fast...

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  1. Sorry David. When it comes to skiing, I can’t help but picture the infamous “agony of defeat” guy from ABC’s Wide World of Sports wiping out down the mountain…and you know HE was a professional! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • Yeah, bummer, David! Get healed soon!

  2. Great work out this AM.

    Total – 650# (32#PR)

    BS 240 (10#PR)
    SP 105 (2#PR)
    DL 305 (20#PR)

    Need to work on SP.

  3. My total went down. Not surprising considering how much I’ve been out lately.

    Today: BS 90, SP 60, DL 155 = 305

    November: BS 107, SP 65, DL 173 = 345

    • So happy to see you were there today! Glad you’re feeling better!

      • 😀 I love our gym. Love love love. Our. Gym.

        • indeed. indeed. yes.

        • Could you please resume your habit of daily blogging, whether you workout or not? Your comments are the most fun to read. And since you stopped blogging as much the daily comment total dropped from about 60 to 12. I attribute the difference mostly to your not blogging as often and the commentary that does not ensue as a result. 😉

          • I think that last sentence is redundant.

            • Well OK! I’ll do it!

              I wish everybody would blog. Blog, everybody!! It builds community! And helps you keep track of your work!

            • p.s. Thanks!
              p.p.s. Now our total is up to 20!!

            • Yay! I’ve also missed Terri’s blogging! Coaches, be sure to let new folks know about blogging. I remember talking to someone once who had no idea there was a comments link. 🙂

  4. Fun way to start the day! All PRs for me.
    BS – 120
    SP – 58
    DL – 155
    Total: 333

  5. Bright, colorful and fun day at the gym! Lotta fun! Nice job on the PR’s across the board!

  6. Great to track my progress from my 1st week of Crossfit when I scored a total of 798 to this morning where I hit a total of 855.

    BS: 325
    SP: 165
    DL: 365

    All were PRs!

    • Nice job, Marcus.

  7. BS: 180 PR
    SP: 75 PR
    DL: 210 PR

    Total: 465 (up from 447)

    Thanks for the coaching/encouragement Pat!

    • I had so much fun working with you. Especially on the deadlifts. Great job!

  8. BS: 170#
    SP 75#
    DL 200#
    Total 445

    I am a Crossfit Total Virgin, so this is my first time.
    It felt good!
    All PRs.

    Thanks, Coach Kelly, for the tips (thumbs over on grip on the BS, pumping elbows and forearms on the SP and more)

    • Very nice, first-timer Sue!

  9. Skipped Total due to back pain that has returned.

    Worked on some goats. Practiced kicking into a handstand, pullups, and double-unders.

    Then did a short metcon to work another goat of mine: burpees. Thought of Christin during the burpees as I did each one with a proper kick out/in. 🙂



  10. BS – 275 (13# jump)
    SP – 155 (12# drop)
    DL – 315 (10# jump)

    Total – 745#. BS and DL are limited by prior back injury so I’m purposely not pressing the limit on these. SP simply got weaker…no sure why.

  11. I should have just done something else today, but I thought I would work on setting a new, lower 2012 CF total baseline. I didn’t have enough time to really work through it because I had to leave by 7:55. I tweaked my back at a 145# back squat (previous PR 200). Did a 75 SP, which was as much as I could do with my shoulder injury limitation. Then decided just to practice DL @ 165 (previous PR 230)so I wouldn’t hurt my back. But I am going to add it up and call it my new total and work back up from there.

    SP @ 75
    DL@ 165
    Total = 385

    • The comment about working on a new lower baseline cracked me up. Ive used that system before. “If at first you don’t succeed…lower your expectations?”. 🙂

      • No, it’s if you had a baby, carpal tunnel, a shoulder injury and have been inactive for 3 months, then if you don’t lower your expectations you’re stupid. 🙂

        • LIKE!

  12. Definitely improved from last TOTAL. 558 to 630

    BS @215
    SP @130
    DL @ 285

  13. I’m not sure if I’m late to the game, but I just found a smartphone app that keeps track of all your WODS and PRs.

    it’s called MyWOD. Just thought i’d mention it in case you’re looking for an easy way to monitor your progress.

    • love it! Thanks for the tip.

    • This should be standard issue information right after signing the waiver. Thanks!!

    • Awesome Jeff – thanks

  14. So I was excited to do Crossfit total today, because I assumed
    that I would have PR’s because my Xfit attendance has been better and I feel like I’m getting stronger….. but today wasn’t the day for me.
    Every weight dropped, bummer…..

    BS #135
    SP #60
    DL #195

    Total #390

    In November 2011: #415

  15. BS: 135#
    SP: 65#
    DL: 185#

    I usually skip Total, so I’m not sure, but I think these are pretty close to previous PRs…the BS and DL may be PRs, but not the SP. Hate that lift.

  16. BS: 165# PR
    SP: 75# PR
    DL: 200# (down 15#s from the last total)

    Total: 440# PR

    Previous total: 429#

  17. I’m feeling great on day 17 of no sugar, no grains (disclaimer: a little quinoa), no alcohol! I think I’m going to see some improvement in the gym since I had such poor nutrition last half of last year. Today, I came close to but didn’t reach any of my previous PRs, but overall I improved my CrossFit Total by 10 lbs from last time, so it’s a WOD PR. Really enjoyed the 4pm session. Thanks for the great coaching as always, Michael.

    BS 115/SP 55/ DL 175 = 345.

  18. BS 290 (PR)
    SP 115
    DL 305
    Total 710 – down 11 from November, but pleased with total…

  19. BS: 300#
    SP: 175#
    DL: 425#
    total: 900#
    All PR’s… Last crossfit total was 806#

    • Wow! Awesome Harold!

    • That’s awesome!!!! Congrats!

  20. Made up on Thursday. Back not feeling it thanks to recent deadlifts and heavy KB swings yesterday, so I did not push it.
    BS – 295
    SP – 165 (that was PR)
    DL – 345
    Total = 805

    BS & DL were low, but a good baseline for 2012

  21. […] Compare to 121701. […]

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