Saturday, February 13, 2010

Max Snatch

Ten minute time limit, not including warm up.

Post load to comments.

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  1. Tried the 20 Squat Clean (55 lb) /Step ups (~12 in) from the affiliate challenge


    Not too bad…legs are definitely the issue with this one.

  2. just fyi for anyone who hasn’t been outside with a 13 year old…this is the BEST snow for snowballs! 🙂

    max snatch (@ home) = 135

    …then did today’s Crossfit Kids WOD with my kiddo

    AMRAP 20 min.
    1 Round =
    5x deadlift
    5x power clean
    5x front squat
    5x push press
    5x backsquat
    ** 45# & no rest between movements in the complex

    …23 rounds + 5 deads + 2 cleans

    kiddo used PVC & got 19 rounds!

    think with a little rehearsal this will get much faster 🙂

    • I have been out with a 10 and 7 year old – they are in heaven!

      • ha! now that sounds like it could become a two-front war…and those little ones are so quick, they’re tough to hit! 😀

  3. Snatch practice at the gym. 66#

    Then at home on the back porch…

    3 Rounds of “Look Ma, No Knees”
    20 Wallball situps (12# ball)
    15 Shoulder Presses (35# dumbbell)
    10 Pushups


    This was a workout I made up last summer when my knee was injured, and I was without a gym-home. I did 5 rounds in 20:07 on July 18. Today I did 3 rounds in less than 1/2 that time.

    • Extra credit? Aren’t you just motivated 😉

    • Awesome Pat!

    • HA! I’m trying to get this weight loss moving so Damon suggested I do a couple of extra short burner workouts each week. I think he’s shocked that I’m actually doing what he suggested. 😉 Today seemed like a good day for a bonus workout since all I did was practice the snatch. NOW, if I can just get my nutrition on track and keep it there.

      • Damon once told me to do push ups at night while I watch TV. Ha! You know what I do instead? Drink beer and eat snacks. It isn’t particularly effective, fitnesswise.

  4. I’m enjoying the endurance certification over at Crossfit on the Move this weekend. I’m sore from all the drills and the ‘sprinting ladder’ WOD at the end.

  5. Had to be quick on this one…dang, 10 min is not long! Had some trouble getting into the squat on these…such a tricky movement.


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