Membership Options

* these options will be changing October 1, 2010 *

We have several membership options available. All of our memberships have these features:

  • month-to-month
  • no deposits
  • no contracts
  • no hidden fees
  • no sales pitch
  • cancel at any time

If you are a new member, you may sign up for an applicable membership concurrently with the Foundations Series. You can begin working out right away, and we will simply introduce new exercises after you learn and practice them in Foundations.

If you have previous CrossFit experience and can demonstrate your facility with the program, you are not required to complete the Foundations Series prior to purchasing a membership.

Memberships can be purchased in person via check, or you can use our convenient online payment center.


Option 1 – Unlimited Training

Come in as often as you’d like and receive supervision through your workouts, detailed instruction, and of course, the motivation to succeed!

$150 a month


Option 2 – 2 x Week Training

The same supervision, instruction and motivation as the Unlimited membership; limited to two visits per week.

$100 a month


Option 3 – Family Membership

Members of the same household may join with unlimited training at a discounted rate.

$125/month per family member


Option 4 – Service Membership

Active military personnel/LEO/Fire/EMS receive unlimited training at a 30% discount.

$105 a month


Option 5 – Drop-In Rate

$20 per visit

* please note: all membership dues/fees are non-refundable *

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