Friday, June 1, 2012

**ATTENTION: Schedule Change for Today**

In order to facilitate moving to our new home, we will only have the following sessions today:


And our 1st WOD in the new space will be @ 0900 Sunday! Unleash the hounds!!


15 Minutes to: 1 RM Thruster


7 Jerks (135#/95#)
7 Burpees
7 Tuck Jumps

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  1. 1RM thruster: 100#

    10 min AMRAP: 5 rds + 5 jerks (75#, mommy burpees)

  2. Thruster, 125. I stopped there because of my back. This is the heaviest clean I’ve done since re-injuring my back 6 weeks ago so I didn’t want to push it too far. My 1RM is 155 (with a rack). Thanks, Erin for the coaching on my form on the front squat portion of the thruster.

    5 rounds + 7 Jerks, RX
    I was pleased to do the jerks rx – first time in 6 weeks. I’m feeling a little twinge/burn in the offended area of my back, but I think it’s ok. I’ll let it rest over the weekend.

  3. Did an ALT this AM as my calf is still not 100%. Did 6 rounds of murphish mvmts. 400 M jog, 6 pullups, 12 pushups, 12 sqts, 12 situps took about 40 min. Felt good to be back moving.

  4. Decided not to try for a 1RM thruster today. Worked in sets of 5 up to 95.

    6 + 7/4 with 75# for the metcon. Very slow burpees after the set of 50 yesterday evening.

  5. I felt like a sloth this morning.
    Enjoyed the 8:30 and it’s nice to get the WOD over with
    early in the day 🙂

    I did deadlifts and sumo deadlifts instead of thrusters because of my knee. Worked up to #125 and did 30 reps for each movement.

    5 rounds + 3 jerks

    1st round I did # 65 then dropped to #55,
    my shoulder was screaming at me…..

    • Everybody loves a sloth.

      • crazy cute

  6. Boxley, you crack me up!!

    My neck is still messed up from last week’s yoga back bending, so I’m not even going to report my miserable WOD today. Thanks, Erin, for doing it with me after the 8:30am!

    Tomorrow we WILL be having a TEAM WOD at 10am as usual. We’ll be running down the street to Iverson Park for some fun in the grass! Bring water. Kids are welcome since there’s a playground.

    • Are we meeting at the gym and then hustling over to the park? Thanks for posting!! Tomorrow morning is supposed to be nice temps with low humidity, perfect for getting outside the box!

    • never mind…. saw the FB post! See you there…

  7. 1RM thruster = 67# (PR, I think)

    AMRAP @ 55#, 4 rounds + 6

    Enjoyed working with Lauren today!

  8. 1RM – 195, almost got 205
    AMRAP – 6 rounds plus 2 jerks

    ok – no more burpees for awhile

  9. Thruster: 75#
    AMRAP: 6 rounds + 2 (45# jerks)

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