Thursday, May 31, 2012

20 Minutes to: Snatch Complex
3 x Power Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch, Squat Snatch, OHS

NOTE: Use the same weight across all sets. Rest as needed between each complex.


50 Burpees For Time

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  1. Announcing (to myself and the 9 other people who use this blog) my stated goal for today’s burpees: KEEP MOVING.

    50 steady burpees, however slow.

    They won’t kill me, and what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Just ask Kelly Clarkson.

    • Do it, Terri!!

    • Let’s do this… by let’s, I mean you can do this… I’m doing those burpees in my head today (rest day, phew!)… good luck, keep moving and I’ll miss seeing you at noon.

      P.S. Are going to scream KELLY CLARKSON at some point during the 50 burpees?

      • More likely I’ll scream DAMN YOU, KELLY CLARKSON. I’ll miss seeing you, too, Elizabeth H!

        That’s fast fast fast, Paige!! (See below.)

    • You can do it T! It goes by quickly – even more quickly if you don’t rest!
      (Proud to be one of the 9 people using this blog.)

      • Snatch complex @ 32#

        Burpees in 5:42 with NO RESTING or SWEARING. Yay!!! Yayayayayayayay!

        • Good job on the burpees, especially not stopping!

  2. I was not feeling the snatches this morning…my wrists hurt. But, I did a run and then 50 burpees for time: 4:18. In the Open WOD when we did burpees for 7 minutes, I only got 77, so I was happy with this. 🙂

  3. Snatch complex at 65#.

    50 Burpees in 4:34.
    My goal was under 5:00; I got only 65 burpees in 7 minutes during the open, and that was on my second attempt! That’s less than 10 a minute (for the open wod) on average even though I never rested and felt like I was moving at a blistering pace. So I thought 5:00 minutes was an aggressive goal for today. Very pleased that I did this in 4:34. I have been doing burpees in my warmup most days recently. Maybe it’s helping! I know this sounds slow to all you fast people, but this is a good time for me, and I never rested – constant movement.

    • Holy crap everybody is burpeeing so FAST. Constant movement. That’s the ticket.

    • Way to go Pat – I understand completely. Miss you!!!

  4. Good job everybody!!! Couldnt make it this morning will be doing my burpees at home after baby girl is asleep! I’ll let u know how it goes;) I hope I’m considered as part of the 9, I’ll started blogging more I promise! Way to go today!!

    • Yay for AmyL blogging. Now that you are working out mostly at 8:30, I need you to blog your results. How else am I suppose to keep up with your business?

      • Amy L: I am pleased that you are blogging, deeply displeased that you are shifting from 7 am to 8:30. Consider this a neutral comment. (Ha! You’re awesome, but 7 am will miss you.)

  5. Been meaning to post here for a few days but clearly it’s time for me to step in as blogger #10. Burpees in around 4:00, forgot exact time!

    • Welcome, AmyW. AKA, Blogger # 10.

      Terri is #1; Joy is #2, and I am Blogger #3. 😉

      • I’m #1! I’m #1! I’m #1!

        At least today I am.

  6. Snatch complex practice up to 53#.
    Burpees in 3:09

  7. 3:04, and carpet burn. Terri!!! You are 1#!!!!!

  8. Snatch complex 145#
    Burpees 3:56. Actually more thrilled with burpee attempt

    • Nice!

  9. Snatch complex at 65#. Burpees: 4:01.

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