Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Deadlift 3×3

Weighted Pull Up 3×3

Overhead Squat 3×3

Post total score to comments.

NOTE: Work up to a heavy weight you can do for 3 reps, then maintain that same weight across all 3 sets. Your score is the total weight you use for 3 sets of 3 reps for all exercises (i.e., 350 deadlift 3×3 + 100 pu 3×3 + 205 OHS 3×3 =655).


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  1. DL: 155x3x3

    Pullup: tiny purple x3x3. Then I got two consecutive unassisted pullups for the first time. Then did it again. Height was not quite there on the second set, but stringing together without a band is a new.

    OHS: 100x3x3

    • Unassisted pull ups … SWEET!! 😀

    • Congrats Pat – making strides even while injured. Awesome.

      • Yes! So exciting.


    • congrats on pullups! that’s awesome!!!!!!

    • Yay Pat!

  2. DL: 245
    PU: 15
    OHS: 105

    I guess that’s 365 total. I’m still trying to get my head around the 255# OHS I saw on the board today. Great work, Joey!

  3. DL: 155#
    PU: 8#
    OHS: 55#
    Total: 218

  4. DL: 125
    OHS: 50

    PU, which never improve because I never work on them: red

  5. DL: 300 (need to work on form)
    PU: 65 (5 lbs from 300 total)
    OHS: 185
    Satisfied – but loved watching Eric add 85lbs to get to my normal weight for pullups.

  6. After having an utter fail with a weighted vest (that hit my chin) I decided to just do my Pullups unassisted. OHS, I went lite due to left shoulder pain. Not the best day for lifts but it was a lot of fun to work with the nooners.

    DL: 255
    PU: unassisted
    OHS: 80

    • Jess your DL was IMPRESSIVE!

  7. Had fun today at 7 am.

    DL@ 200#
    Push-ups@ 25#
    OHS @ 95#

    Total= 320

  8. 155# DL
    pull ups w/my tiny red
    45# OHS

    • Thats not much band, Joy! Yay! (And nice weight on the DL.)

      • Thanks, T. You and I will both improve our pull ups this year, ok?!

  9. DL: 205
    OHS: 75 (1 set at 85# felt shoulder)
    PU: 22.5 (got 2 sets with 27# but failed on last set twice)

  10. DL: 155
    PU: 2 med red bands
    Subbed seated backsquats because of knee 105

  11. DL: 195#

    PU: 30.4# (think I could have gone heavier but stuffing a DB in my vest wasn’t too comfy)

    OHS: 85#

    Total: 310.4#

  12. OHS= 105
    PU= 20lbs( using a dumbbell between the legs) no DL today back aggravations;(

    Way to go Pat!!!

  13. DL – 275#
    PU – 25#
    OHS – 85# Gotta get my squat form improved…all about flexibility for me.

    Total: 385#

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