Thursday, May 17, 2012

In Teams of 2 Complete:
8 x 200 Meter Runs – Alternate Athletes (each run 4)
200 Double Unders
2K Row (Switch every 250 Meters)
200 Double Unders
8 x 200 Meter Runs

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  1. LOVED today’s workout!

    I had given up on PRs for the next several months, but today I got 62 consecutive double unders!

    • Yay Jessica! That. Is. Amazing!! You’re going to rock the next flight simulator. Ha!

  2. Teamed up with Corey for this morning’s workout. 26:05.

  3. First WOD in a week! I shadowed/chased some awesome teams for this one. Time: 30:34.

  4. Oh lord!!

  5. Teamed up with my friend Jessica K, Anniversary Woman!

    37:35 with mods to accommodate Jessica’s injury.

    This one was hard hard hard not easy at all really very difficult.

  6. Teamed up with my buddy Bryan.
    29:10 Rx
    Those last runs were brutal.
    DU’s feeling good today.

    • Great job today William

  7. Teamed up with Brad… poor fella… he totally carried me on the first set of DUs…after those sprints, I couldn’t string them together for anything. Oh, and Brad the Man can row…

    I think our time was 30:45; it was 30:something. Anyway, Brad, thank you for making me look good. And congrats to all those wicked fast noon teams… there were some impressive times.

    I will say this, the WOD was a brutal sprint bomb but there is some strange part of me that wants to do this one again… can someone take the glass of Kool-Aid out of my hand? I’ve over-served myself with that statement.

    • Lol. That’s some good Kool-Aid.

    • Elizabeth don’t sell yourself short, you killed it on the second set of DUs, didn’t even give me a chance to “rest”!! And you did way better rowing than you give yourself credit for. Great job!!

      • Thanks B! 🙂

  8. Thank the lord for my BA partner Sarah and her fantastic DU’s!!!! We made a great team! 30:47!!!

    • Jessie was an awesome partner! She killed it in the row!!!

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