Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 minutes to: Practice Muscle Ups OR Max Rep MUs



30 Clean and Jerks (135#/95#)

Josh Power Cleans

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  1. I thought about doing something crossfitty at the great wall of china today. But honestly, hiking on it is workout enough. It is seriously steep.

    • Oh, and positively stunning.

      • Tooth!!! Hi there! xoxo

    • Be sure to post pics to FB!

  2. Alt wod for back protection purposes today.
    300m row / 21 DB thrusters (20#) / 9 burpee box jumps (24″ box)
    300m row / 30 lunges / 9 burpee box jumps (24″ box)
    300m row / 21 wall balls / 9 burpee box jumps (24″ box)
    ~13 minutes

  3. ALT WOD with rowing, thrusters, burpees, lunges, and wall balls.
    14 minutes.

  4. Grace @ 55# in 5:06

    That’s 10# lighter than in March 2011 but nearly 2 minutes faster.

    Followed by 100 sit ups, the only part of Angie I regret missing yesterday.

    In other news: Got my first toes to bar today!!! Hope I can do it again (and again and again)! YAY!!

    • Yay T2B!! May your WODs be filled with many more… and nice MU transitions from our little MU group too…

    • Congrats on the TTB! It was so crazy at noon that I didn’t get/give my Tmac hug!

    • Great job Terri!!!

  5. 2:11

    • Whoa!!

  6. Power Hour was killer today! Love the energy which helped me to PR Grace by 22 seconds. 5:09 RX

    • Nice PR!

  7. 6:52 Rx
    Pretty happy about that one. PR by minutes.
    My lower back does not like split jerks!

  8. Wasn’t pretty but it is over. 12:08 Rx.

  9. Big shout out to Tim who got his first MU….actually three in a row..actually three strict in a row…actually like twice? Awesome!

  10. 3:55 RX. Big PR for me! Got 4:07 at 30 weeks pregnant and I never thought I’d be able to beat that without my “bionic implant.” But I did…by 12 seconds!

    • Congrats, Erica!

  11. 10:38 RX

    first time doing “grace”…would love to do this again soon when i’m not coming off of being on tooth drugs for the past 4 days…happy with this though since it’s almost my body weight.

    Awesome PRs today..congrats to everyone!

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