Monday, May 14, 2012


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Post time to comments.

Compare to 111230.

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  1. 29:36 (Rx). 5 minutes slower than my PR back in July 2010.
    Splits were: 10:10/10:24/5:46/3:16

  2. I like Angie more than Barbara or Cindy

    22:32 RX – about a 3 minute PR from last time.
    I think I got a minute faster on pull ups, push ups and squats (thanks to Amber and Eric)

    • I forgot to write my time down but I did it in 22:??
      You going at noon tomorrow? One of your favorites coming up. Get some sleep…

      • Oh she is going down – see you at noon

  3. 20:27

  4. 21:14 rx

  5. Where have all the bloggers gone?

    This is my fastest Angie time although a little hard to compare with mods. Pleased I didn’t stop at 50 or 75 pull ups like I wanted to.

    24:08 with red + tiny blue for first 50 or so (then red + purple); knee push ups

    • I couldn’t handle even the thought of Angie today. All these times on the blog are GREAT. Nice job all of you!!

  6. 22:?? RX
    I thought my PR was 19-something but that’s from my first year of CF at the globo. Not dare counting that!
    So this was a PR since last Angie was 22:32.

  7. 21:32. I’ll use this as my new baseline. Couldn’t find my old time…pretty sure it was sub 20 but not by much. Pushups were hardest. Did all sit ups and squats slow but steady and unbroken.

  8. 29:44 with blue for pullups; otherwise RX.

  9. 24:XX RX Pull ups….YAHOO! Made it through 25 pushups and LOST IT! Either way….i do really like this workout! 🙂

  10. 33:05
    Tan, black and thin blue bands for pull ups
    50 push ups w/ red band, 50 on knees

  11. 26:30ish RX. Was pushing for sub 25 but I think I took the push ups a little slow. Have some ideas for improvement. Blogging a couple days late…and these rips still hurt like hell! 🙂

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