Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CrossFit Total

Back Squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Compare to 121701.

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  1. Going running…I promise I will do Total next time. 🙂

  2. Thanks to David for the ALT WOD. A nice little bodyweight metcon that did not bother my back. 18:18

  3. My work meeting was canceled, so YAY!

    BS: 95 (up 5# from January)
    SP: 60 (stuck stuck stuck)
    DL: 165 (up 10# from January)

  4. Love the total.

    BS: 225 (down 40 from PR…who knows)
    SP: 120 PR
    DL: 385 PR
    Total: 730

  5. 475 total
    BS 175 PR
    SP 75
    DL 225 PR
    Also – I took a bunch of photos at the noon class and have them on my FB page. Will put them on the CrossFit RX FB page, if I can figure out how to share w/ another page…

  6. Fun, fun, fun at noon in the gym today! Great energy and I loved working with SUPER STRONG Amber and Jessica K. Wow.

    As for my CF total, I haven’t done one in well over 2 years – probably more like 3. I don’t have handy what my score was, but I am certain I never reached 500, and today I did!

    In this order:
    Shoulder press: 95# (2# PR)
    Deadlift: 230#
    Back squat: 175# (way low, but it felt really heavy. I did 191 x 3 one week before delivering Van!)

    Total: 500

    • Thanks to you I was able to PR on every lift! Thank you, thank you for the yelling and encouragement to not give up!! 😀

      • 🙂

  7. Solid day for CFT especially given my lack of heavy lifting of late
    SP-90# PR
    BS-165# right at PR
    DL-235# probably had more but form began to breakdown
    Total- 490

  8. Back sqt: 155# (down 15# from my PR–need to start Wendler again)
    SP: 75# (up 5# from last total)
    DL: 230# PR (huge PR by 8#—and up 30# from last total)

    TOTAL: 460#

    January total: 440#
    November total: 429#

    Awesome working with Charlotte today.

  9. BS 225 (pr)
    SP 120 (pr)
    DL 275 (pr)

    Total 620

  10. SP: 100 (PR of 12#)
    BS: 215 (PR of 30#)
    DL: 305 (PR of 40#)

    I forgot my log book and from memory thought my last year CF Total DL was 285 but I was wrong! It was 265! I’m pretty stocked that I used mind over matter because sometimes when I know the number I’m lifting I psych myself out.

    With all those noon peeps and especially Erica and Amber I would never have been able to get to those numbers. ~Thanks for cheering me on ladies! It was a honor to work with you all!

  11. First time Total – was kinda fun.

    BS: 255 PR
    SP: 135 PR
    DL: 280 PR
    Total: 670

    Seems like a reasonable baseline to start from.

    Unfortunately, looks like I will have to take a few days off with achilles tendonitis.

  12. Had to double check my numbers. Although no individual PRs, this was a PR Total for me. Also the heaviest DLs I have done in two years.

    BS: 305 – (failed 315, but no I can get it)
    SP: 155 – (failed 165)
    DL: 365
    Total: 825 PR

    The one’s I failed on would have been new PRs

  13. BS: 215. Could have done more.
    SP: 105
    DL: 275. Big disappointment here.

    Total: 595.

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