Monday, May 7, 2012

10 Minutes of Squat Snatch practice.


Thrusters (95/65)
Pull Ups


“Broken Fran”
Complete “Fran” but rest exactly 2 minutes between round of 21 and round of 15 (e.g., 21 thrusters, 21 pullups, rest 2 minutes…). Score is total time (including the 4 minutes of rest).

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  1. Supreme coaching by Kelly today: I have done “Fran” Rx, but my fastest time was 13:08 and I was totally dreading this WOD. Today Kelly had me do it with 45# thrusters so I could get sub-10. Sooo much better…reduced the misery factor…thrusters unbroken…time was 8:06.

    • Nice job, Paige!

      The vice presidents stole my noon hour today (and are stealing it again tomorrow). I wish I had come in after work today and lowered my Fran weight. Instead, I said “Fran? Eff no!” cheated big-time on my nutrition, and then opened a bottle of wine. Highly unhealthy.

      Work. Is. So. Stressful. Lately.

      p.s. I hate Fran.

  2. first workout in over a week. ~9:00 Rx or maybe just under / over. guy at the hotel gym said the bar was 10-12kg. i went with 12 😉

  3. Subbed wall balls for thrusters due to ongoing back issues. 5 and change.

  4. 5:46 at 35# with red band.
    Still nursing the back.

    Skipped snatch practice and did extra warmup and mobility work.

  5. This is sacrilegious but I hate Fran.
    7:13 RX with a 1:20 break after the first 21-21. David and Kelly gave me grief for doing Fractional Fran so I got back on the bar and finished it without another break. Thruster sets were UB. PUs broken ALOT with a max of 7 on first.

    • the 7:13 includes the 1:20 break. So total time was 5:53 which wouldn’t have been a PR.

  6. The last time I recall doing Fran was at my Level 1 cert in 2009; I didn’t finish under the 10 min. cap. Today 7:54. Broke up the set of 15 thrusters (twice) and would have broken the set of 9 if it weren’t for Kelly. Thanks Kelly!

  7. Fran: 9:5x; 55#, little red band for 1st rd then switched to purple band

  8. 9:33 55# no bands but should have put a band on to finish my “15” and “9” Instead I just looked like a silly worm on a bar.

  9. 7:19 RX PR…my last fran in December was 9:00 RX and I was sick.

    I know I could have pushed it more since I didn’t get the fran cough.

    14/7, 5/5/5, 5/4

    10/5/3/3, 4/3/3/3/2, 3/2/2/2

    need to work on unbroken

  10. 9:24 RX

    Probably should have done 55# but I’ll take 9mins for my first RX Fran!

    Jess H….thanks again for starting the clock and watching Remy so I could do it at 7:00Pm

    Parker did 10# dumbbell thrusters and RX pull ups! Finished 7:XX and encouraged me to get through this dreadful workout 😉

  11. 5:31 gotta get better pull ups!

  12. 5:46 with 35# and red band.
    Still nursing the back.

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