Monday, April 30, 2012

For Time:

Run 1 Mile
30 Shoulder Presses (105/75)*

NOTE: No racks. * Every time you put the bar down, complete 20 Double Unders.


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  1. Phew. That one wore me out. 17:42 with 1 mile in 7;28 and 40# presses. First 16 were at 45.

  2. Mile in roughly 6:40. Used 85# for shoulder press. DNF’d on rep 27 of with (hopefully minor) back pain.

  3. 25:13 45# had to to a 3rd (or 4th?) set of DUs when I missed on my 30th SP

    Happy but exhausted after flying back from Regionals where our team and individuals did us proud. And my gratitude to coaches/pals Therese, Christin & Pat for giving me rides around WPB!

    • Great job, Joy!! And everybody at noon! Love the noon group! xoxo

      • It was fun working out with you two today. I can’t always join you at noon, but let’s meet again here on this blog tomorrow.

  4. 10-minute mile (fast for me!) and 45# SP in 22:42

    • Nice, Terri! Fast and heavy.

      • 🙂 I forgot to say: Had to do 5 rounds of double unders.

  5. First day back in the gym after taking a week off due to back pain (which I still have, but it is much improved.) Due to the back pain, I scaled the SP waaaay down to 35# and decided in advance to do 3 rounds of SP and 3 rounds of DU since 35 is so light for me.
    15:43 at 35#
    Completed the run in about 9:40, maybe less. I forgot to look at the clock. My 1 mile PR is 9:01 so not a PR, but it is faster than I’ve been running since before I developed plantar fasciitis over a year ago. Thanks to Terri for inspiring me to run fast today.

  6. WOBD (Workout of the BirthDay): 15:10 with SPs @ 45#. Mile in 9:05, probably did 4 sets of DUs? Also had fun playing with HSPUs on bands, which I hadn’t done in a while.

    • Great job! Happy sweaty birthday, Paige!

  7. 15:17 @ 75#. Luckily, the DUs were with me today.

  8. About 9:20 mile for me which is solid.
    17:15 ish with 60#…thankfully the DUs were “on” because most of my sets ranged from 4-7.

  9. 7:30 Mile, ok, 10 reps held bar, 5 reps, held bar, 5 reps, 20 doubles, 5 reps, 20 doubles, 5 reps. #105 In 14:35. Should have dropped the bar and just done doubles instead of holding on. Oh well!

  10. Had lots of fun, went to a great session with the Noon perps! Plantar fasciitis flare-up due to a morning run so I paced step-ups on 14″ box and ended when the last runner finished their mile.
    75# shoulder press/stric press
    Didn’t keep track of DU “rounds” but DUs were not with me due to my PF pain 😦

    • 20:02

  11. 19:26 @ 60#
    Mile 7:58

    DUs were awesome for me today mostly sets of 20…shoulder press not so much…took too much break time after DUs (6 rounds of DUs)

  12. 17:16, #85.

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