Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Team WOD

In Teams of 2:

250 Meter Row
200 Meter Run

NOTE: Sub 20 slam balls for the row if necessary.

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  1. Sweet Mary, Mother of God, who is that fat bast… oh wait, it’s me.

  2. I did this without a partner, but shadowed Erin V and Jeff M. When Jeff rowed, I rowed. When he ran, I ran. So it was sort of like Erin was my partner, but not really. 7 rounds + 1 row..

  3. Fun fun fun!! Teamed up with the fabulous Paul.

    6 rounds + 477 meters of rowing (I was 23 meters shy of completing our second row in round 7 when time ran out).

    p.s. to Jason: Great photo!

    • Terri Rocked, Ran & Rowed today! It was fun to push each other in a team effort.

      • You too you too!!!!!

  4. Terry told me she would get me

    7 rounds plus both rows plus about 100 m run. My poor partner had to do 20 slamballs to sub for running. I like this better than I thought. All rows under 50 seconds.

  5. This post is for you Terry. 🙂

    Teamed up with Nicole.

    7rds + 1 row

  6. Teamed with Andrea (who is a power rower!). 7 rounds. Gasser. Dodged puddles.

  7. Yay, blog posters!

    p.s. A million other people worked out today, too! Where are their posts? Where?? Where oh where???

    p.p.s. I’m going to have to come after them.

    p.p.p.s. Of course, I have no idea what to do once I arrive …

  8. Here you go Terri!
    Pukie almost came for a visit today.
    This WOD kicked my butt…. I was alarming shades of red after this one. Thank you Reggie for the blue stuff, it saved me. I can’t run or burpee so I subbed 200 single jumpropes. Meeks was my awesome partner and we did 6 rounds. Probably could have done more rounds but my singles got sloppy! SORRY MEEKS! First time with a slam ball and once kelly gave me some pointers…. I think I like them.

    • Great job today!!! Your sub stunk!!!

      I’m with you I would like to see slam balls more often!

      Glad you are upright and typing!

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