Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1. Snatch Complex

5 x Power Snatch + Squat Snatch

 NOTE: The Snatch Complex should be climbing. Start with about 70-75% of 1 RM Snatch and try to add weight each set. No press outs. For today, focus on technique over load.

 2. Run

4 x 400 Meters

NOTE: 2 Minutes Rest Between Intervals

 3. GHD Sit Ups

3 x 20 Reps

NOTE: Rest as needed between sets.

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  1. Was up in DC today for work so dropped in at Crossfit Balance http://www.crossfitbalance.com. If you’re ever up in DC be sure to stop by these guys. Was my first time there and Danielle and her crossfitters are awesome.

    Did long jump practice, then 5 rounds of 50m firemans carry @ 130lb (should have gone heavier) and 10 30″ box jumps.

  2. I knew it was 2 mins rest between runs! 6 a.m.-ers only rested 1 minute. Could’ve used that extra minute, but I was happy to get it over with as quickly as possible.

  3. 55 # for snatch complex. Power snatched 60, but failed on the squat snatch.

    6:51 for the 400s.

    Ab mat sit-ups.

  4. 40# for snatch complex. 8:10 for the 400s.

    Would have been faster were it not for my DEFECTIVE BRAIN, which told me to slow down at the bottom of Mell and then rest for a few seconds before running back up. Gah.

    100 sit ups (20 GHD and the rest abmat). I got confused about the numbers. Oops.

  5. 55 # for snatch complex (was able to power snatch 65, but couldn’t get down into the squat).

    7:xx for the runs

    Ab mat sit-ups

  6. 165 lb for Snatch complex – first time ever feeling like squat snatch was easier than power

    6:07 for runs
    Ab mat situps

  7. Good Mix Today

  8. 115# for snatch complex. Still have a crappy squat snatch
    5:57 for runs.
    GHD + ab mat

  9. Snatches: 65#
    Runs: 8:02

  10. snatch: worked up to 75# but mostly did 65#

    Run: 6:42
    Abs: 60 Hollow bodies + bridge ups (been trying to work on some gymnastic wod movements)

  11. Snatch: Failed at 75# squat snatch, did a bunch of 65#.
    Run: 7:07
    1 rd GHD situps, 2 rds Ab Mat (still sore from the ones yesterday!)

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