Monday, April 16, 2012


1000 Meter Row
50 Thrusters (45#)
30 Pull Ups

NOTE: Sub 100 SDHPs (45#) or 800 Meter Run for the Row if necessary.

Compare to 033011.

Lafayette & PD

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  1. Oh my!!! Is that a corgi puppy? Looks like one!

    • Yes it is. His name is Puppy Dog. PD for short. He is precious, and I wanted to steal him.

  2. 15:37, 45#, baby blue band

  3. 1456 RX

  4. 11:36 with red band for pullups.

  5. 13:42 with 35 # thrusters and little red ban for pullups. Will do 45# next time.

  6. 10:42 Rx. My first encounter with Jackie, and not as bad as I expected.

  7. 10:11 Rx
    PR by over 4 minutes (of course that was over two years ago)

  8. 14:46, RX thrusters. 5 unassisted unbroken pull-ups then…red band for the rest. Nice to see noon faces.

    • Good for you!!!

  9. 10:20RX — slower than PR from ’09 (9:44RX). It was the pullups that got me, as always.

  10. 16:28 with red band for pull ups. I was fatigued after rowing and 45# thrusters are pretty heavy for me: fell on my rear on the first rep. Recovered and got through it, though. I *will* be coming more consistently and getting my caloric intake under control.

    • Me too me too! Congrats for doing this. I had a big day yesterday, saw thrusters on the menu, and said, um, NO. Not very CrossFitty of me at all.

  11. 12:30 RX

    need to work on those rows

  12. 8:29 (I think)…well off of my PR but I suspect it was because Alex made me row too fast; I had moved to the pullups in under 6:00 but my arms were toast and I took more than 2.5 minutes to do 30 pullups…ugh.

  13. 11:22 Rx. PR.

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