Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Minutes to find a 5 Rep Max Deadlift


” Mad Scientist “
21 – 15 – 9
Row (Calories)
Ground to Overhead (115#/80#)

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  1. 15:07 rx

  2. 5 rep max DL: 165# (might have been able to go a little higher)

    Metcon: 65# clean & jerks with a run

  3. Deadlift 230×5

    10:10, RX
    all snatches

  4. 12:41 with 60# on clean and jerks with a run
    135 deadlifts

  5. 225# DL 5RM
    Metcon 16:xx Rx
    Not feeling so hot this morning

    • You did great! What are you talking about? I knew I shouldve programmed a special birthday WOD for u. Might’ve cheered you up! Enjoy this beautiful day.

    • Happy Birthday

  6. Metcon w/Jessica K (thanks!) after class. 9:5? RX. 195 on 5RM DL. Was a struggle. Something going on in right ham AGAIN. Going to orthopedic tomorrow who will hopefully order an MRI so I can stop guessing what this is.

  7. 5RM DL @ 265# (previous 5RM was 225# last May @ CF808)


    12:27 Rx w/ Rowing

    • you rock dude!!!

  8. Took it easy on the DLs.

    Metcon: 8:04 RX rowing. 90% snatches

  9. I can’t remember my specific numbers, but I know that (a) I didn’t suffer an exertion headache and (b) Kelly said I’m “a beast.” That’s good enough for me.

    More importantly, my girlfriend Stacy is throwing a large potluck dinner tomorrow night and anyone who is reading this is invited to come over and chow down. It’s at 7:30 in Grant Park. Please call me at 404-840-0383 if you’d like to come. Be advised that the food will not be paleo (it’s actually an Italian dinner — shudder) and most everyone will be drinking and not talking about fitness. It will be very casual but very fun — I’d love it if some of you would consider stopping by. Sorry for the late notice but I’m not very good at this kind of thing.


  10. 5 RM DL @ 195. Felt good and had a litlte more in me.

    Metcon: 11:05 RX w/ runs. I cleaned and jerked all…never even dawned on me to snatch until I read the other posts. Duh! Probably couldn’t have done too many though.

    • You are looking great! And your hubby told me that your mother was cooking dinner…I almost left with him…LOL!!! us wisconsonites have to share our cheese together!

      • Ha! Thanks Therese! You should have come home for dinner!

  11. Had a blast with folks tonight…great energy!!

    Metcon 13:36 rx….have i ever mentioned that i HATE rowing????
    OK, probably not, so i’ll just say it again,

    Did some DL in the open gym time…got to 165 but i am soooo paranoid about my back so i stopped at that weight.

    Then, did 100 abmat situps for time with Joey and Harold….2:17….whew!

  12. DL: 175#

    metcon: 18:06 RX with a run
    Wasn’t feeling this workout…i think i was still sleeping when i did it

    nice evening crew

  13. First day back – took a week off for recovery after the race.

    DL:275# Not sure what my limit really is but scared to find out since that generally results in laying on the floor in the fetal position. DL will just have to grow slow.

    MetCon: 8:29 RX (row).

  14. DL: 265#
    MetCon: 13:39 RX, running in lieu of rowing.

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