Friday, April 6, 2012

4 x 50 Meter Sled Pull (70#/45#)


” Jeremy “
21 -15 -9
Overhead Squats (95#/65#)

Joey K. demonstrating some awesome Grand Canyon gymnastics

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  1. 4 x 50 meter sled pulls at 45#. (These were hard and really got the legs burning!)

    7:26, RX
    OHS – all unbroken
    Burpees – also unbroken but very slow!

  2. This picture gives me anxiety! 🙂

    Metcon: 35# OHS (should’ve done 45#, but legs still burning after the sled pulls and heart rate not recovered), mommy burpees

  3. Enjoyed this one!

    Sled pulls with 25# plate (+ metal sled, which I weighed at 27#).

    Metcon in 9:58 with 22# and, I hope, decent form.

  4. Sat in a beach chair every day for 5 days (for time). Great to be back today. Felt pretty sluggish. 7:12 Jeremy RX. 20 unbroken OHS on the first set (yep, missed the last one) was a big deal for me!
    Thanks to Will for coaching my class so I could workout. And shout out to Jessica K who killed the sled pulls at 8:30am. A little birdie told me she actually went back at noon to do the metcon a second time! Dedication!

    • She did! And she cut her time by about 4 minutes. Amazing.

  5. Sled pulls at various weights – 1st @ 45#, 2nd @ 70#, 3rd and 4th @ 60#

    MetCon: 10:17 Rx

  6. Sled @ 60#

    Jeremy 8:24. Got 21 unbroken to start, then 5x5x5 and then 8+1. All unbroken next time!

    • Right. Rx on Jeremy. I suck at getting everything in one post!

  7. Sled @ 45#. HARD.

    Jeremy – 6:55 RX

  8. Whoa. That’s a crazy pic. 9:53 with 50#s.

    • And sled pulls at 45(with the metal sled)

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