Tuesday, April 3, 2012


9 Deadlifts (155#/100#)
12 Push Ups
15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

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  1. Compare to:

  2. 7 rounds, Rx.
    (252 reps)

  3. 4 rounds + 9 + 5, not Rx

    This one provided many opportunities for girlish shrieking, which I so enjoy. Delightful way to spend the lunch hour.

  4. 4 rounds +9+12+5 (170 total)
    Rx weight, 20 inch box

  5. 269 reps, mommy mods: non game pushups, 24 inch step ups

    • Mommy mods?!! 🙂

      • Well, pre-mommy mods. I’m at 17 weeks!

        • Congrats! Best wishes for smooth sailing!!

  6. Last year I got 6 rounds RX on this but my legs were really fatigued today and I had trouble jumping 20″. After wasting a bunch of time, I switched to 17″. Still got 5 rounds plus 9 deads so a good work out.

    Liz and I have been doing some hilly runs in the mornings (including today) and we’ve signed up for the Sweetwater. Yay!

  7. 254 RX

  8. 330 RX (9 rounds + 6 DL)

    Last year was 8 months pregnant so I did step ups and pushups on parallettes and got 324.

    • Aww, man! I take that back….just double checked and last year I got 333, which means I did better at 8 months pregnant! Oh well.

      • Rockin’ it either way, Erica!

      • I agree with Joy. Massive score then and now.

        • You’re my inspiration, erica!

  9. 259 reps

  10. 244 Rx.

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