Tuesday, March 27, 2012


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it. There will be a 50 minute time limit and a “short-murph” (smurph) option.

Compare to Memorial Day, 2011 (no blog link available).

Congrats to everyone at CFRX who made sending a team to Regionals possible...which is literally every one of you! This was a 100% team effort and you should all be very proud! Outstanding work CFRX!


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  1. So proud of Team RX!!! Way to go! I’ll be cheering you at Regionals!

    Not many posts, but here’s the last year’s Murph compare to: http://crossfitrx.com/2011/05/30/memorial-day-schedule/#comments

    • Woop woop! CFRX will ROCK!

      • GO TEAM!!

  2. Here’s another previous compare to, and look: There were 67 comments. I so miss the days when our gym used the blog. *Sniff*


    • I do too! (sigh)

  3. 50:43 rx no partitioning
    Great but grueling Tuesday AM

    Congrats to all the competitors in the games. That’s awesome!

  4. “Murph”: 55:20 with Rx pullups and knee pushups. Partitioned into 10 rounds of 10, 20, 30. All squats unbroken. Ripped hand on the very last round and am still stinging from the injustice.

    Found a previous time (thanks Terri!) of 59:02 doing 20 rounds of Cindy, which still might be a better strategy for me because my pushups…are…so…slow…and…painful…and bad. Nice work by all this morning!

  5. I haven’t done a full Murph since way back in August of 2008 (pre CFRX) when it took me an hour and 19 minutes with a green band for pullups and modified pushups from my knees. Clearly, someone should have stopped me because that workout scarred me to the point that I vowed, “Never Again!” In March 2010, I did a half-Murph in 33:21. Today I did full Murph in 57:07 with a red band for pullups. Glad I did it. After the run I started with 1 round of 10/20/30 but then switched to 5/10/15 because I could keep moving better with that rep scheme.

  6. Nice job you Murphers!!

    This. Was. Just. So. Insanely. Horrible. Set out to do a half-Murph with knee push ups, assisted pull ups, and the full run.

    Ran the first mile in a little over 10 minutes. That’s fast for me, so yay!

    Back in the gym, spiraled into a slow, deep pit of despair. Traded the last mile for an 800, most of which I walked because my legs were shot. Total time: nearly 50 minutes.

    I’ve come to realize that I suck at CrossFit. I just can’t seem to toughen up and push through all the effing pain. But … CF is making me look good, and I’m hopelessly addicted, so I’ll see you again soon.

    Tomorrow night I’m playing tennis, which is easy and fun and has never once made me cry.

    • Loved reading this. Good job, Terri. On the WOD and the write-up.

      • I second that…you literally have me LoL!


  7. Thought I was gonna be tough and do this with the 10 lb vest….but I got halfway through and had to shed the vest…my arms were fatiguing too much on the pushups.


    The good news is that everything seemed soooo much easier after taking off the vest.
    Note to self…workout with the vest on sometimes.

  8. 44:20 RX
    (partitioned into 20 rds of Cindy)
    This is over 12 minutes faster than last year’s Memorial Day Murph. I felt super strong on the pullups today. Thanks to Judd who was my pace bunny since we shared a pullup bar.

  9. First murph. Whoa. 58:55
    Partitioned in 4 sets: 25 pullups, 50 Pushups and 75 squats.
    First 70 pullups with thin red band (first for me); last 30 with purple. Knee Pushups.

    Congrats to team Crossfit RX!

  10. Row/pike/banded

    Time ran out at 180 squats

    Felt like I was slow as molasses in winter.

  11. The 12:00 class totally rocked it today! Thanks to Coach Street and Coach Poole to convince me to partition this “Cindy” style. It would have taken waaaayyy longer otherwise (because I suck at push ups). This was my first meeting with Murph, 39:5(x) Rx partitioned. Next time I might have to try a vest or not partition. We’ll see.

    • Awesome job, Ethan!!

      • Amazing job, you athlete. And thanks for the encouragement. This was even more of a struggle than I was expecting, and I’ve done it twice before.

  12. 1st murph – 50-something. did 2 partition rounds unassisted then bands and knee pushups. just happy I survived. painful. not looking forward to getting out of bed tomorrow. on the plus side burned a record 1300+ calories in a single work-out.

    • Way to hang in there and finish it!

  13. So it looks like this is my first “murph” as well.

    62:58 RX + 10# vest, partitioned

    it was painful but really glad i used the vest…definitely lost some time retaping multiple times

    • oh and congrats to the team, kelly and amber for making it to regionals. yall rock!!

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