Tuesday, March 20, 2012


For Time Complete:
400 Meter Run
Handstand Push Ups

NOTE: Start with 400 meter run and then run 400 meters between each HSPU interval (for a total of 6 runs).

Untitled from Michael King on Vimeo.

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  1. Made my flight and hotel reservations for West Palm (Southeast Regionals)! So did my road dog Pat. This makes our fourth year going! Who else is in???

    • Yeah, that’s right. Sheryl and I have become experts at the regional competition. We’ve gone for four years straight (since the first time they held regionals). We have a blast watching the competition all weekend. Hope some others join us in West Palm Beach. My pom poms are packed.

  2. 22:xx.
    Pike Pushups for HSPUs. Started with toes on the box and then after 5 on the set of 15 switched to knees.

  3. Time: 20:30
    Pike pushups on the box. Like Radha, had to switch from toes.

  4. That was wretched. I need to add running back into my schedule so it doesn’t suck so much.

    26:34 with pikes from the 20″ box.

    p.s. Dan is fast! Like lightning, like a hurricane wind, like the speed of light or sound, whichever is faster. FAST!!!!!!!!!!

    • light

      • Thanks for the props!

        Sadly, I think I need to take some time off from Crossfit workouts because I am continuing to have exertion headaches. Not only are they extremely painful and disruptive, but they are really scary for me. I just don’t understand how they could be so painful but not be causing some kind of damage. I don’t want to wind up like a punch-drunk boxer. So I’m going to stop doing things that are triggering the headaches — at least for a week or so.

        This includes Crossfit (as well as a more personal but no less enjoyable activity that Stacy and I sometimes engage in).

        I’m really bummed about all this. I’m gonna keep coming around the gym for the socializing and camraderie and what-not, but I’m not really going to workout for a while. 😦

  5. 21:09 with pikes from the floor.

  6. In case you are interested in how you are doing in the Open compared to people of the same sex, age, height and weight…


  7. Nice video! Congrats on the muscle up, Will!

    Don’t think I’ll make it this afternoon, but Liz and I did do a hilly jog this morning when it was nice and cool. I guess I should have added pike push ups.

  8. Woah nice MU!

    27:01 RX

  9. Not sure of my time (way after everyone else finished this am), but subbed HSPU for strict push presses using 55# for first 2 rounds, then dropped down to 45 or 50# for the others.
    I think it was a good sub.

    • Correction: subbed strict PP for HSPU

  10. So I had to alter the workout today since I could not get to the Crossfit gym. I worked out of mine using a treadmill. I kept the 400m run at a 11.5/12.0 pace which is about a 5 minute mile. I did all the handstand pushups unbroken and recorded a time at 13:52.

    Now that I completed the half marathon, I am full speed ahead going all into Crossfit. BTW, time for half marathon was 1:33.

    • 1:33! Woah! You ARE full-speed! You and Lightning Dan should race!

      • Name your distance, Eric…

  11. 16:37 with banded hspu (red band with tiny blue on shoulders)

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