Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 Minutes to:

5×1 Clean and Jerk

NOTE: Pick a medium heavy weight and maintain it for each single; rest as needed between lifts.


AMRAP 5 Minutes:

Squat Clean To Overhead (165#/110#)

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  1. Happy 30th Kelly! I’m thinking for your birthday you’ll get 30 MUs in 12.4! You can do it.

  2. Happy birthday to Coach Kelly!!! xoxo

    Did a slow row while others lifted: 3k in 17 minutes.

    For the AMRAP, 15# DB clusters

    Terri (WordPress insists on calling me tgmcint)

    • The Great Magnificently Cool Individual Named Terri?

      • Ha!! Why, yes! Yes, that’s exactly the person to whom you are posting.

        p.s. xo

        p.p.s. In other news, there was just a teeny tiny St. Patrick’s Day parade in the parking lot of my building at work. It was so weird.

        • how tiny? like…irish ants and beetles? leprechauns? green miniature ponies?

  3. Happy bday Kelly!

    Got a chance to do open 12.4 today….
    255 reps

    I loved/ hated this WOD! It’s painful during the wb’s but then it gets better

    • Great job, David. I sure which I’d had a chance to do this today too but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

  4. 65# squat clean & jerk

    AMRAP: 55# 19 reps


  5. Happy B-day, Kelly!

    AMRAP: 65#, 30 reps

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!!!! OOOT OOOT!!! (raising the roof!)

    AND…i also have a new name!

  7. 145# 5×1 C&J


    125#, 14 reps

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