Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 Minutes to:
Find a 10 Rep Max Deadlift


“Hell For Certain”
400 Meter Sandbag Run
Chest-to-bar Pull Ups
400 Meter Sandbag Run 

NOTE: For Pull Ups, if you do not have C2B,
then do the most difficult variation of
Pull Up you can. For the sandbag run, choose 1 or 2 sandbags
or another large, heavy object of your
choice…recommended weight Men 60#/Women 40#.

Sue using her functional fitness @ the 2012 Georgia Spartan Sprint

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  1. Really excited for this wod!

    • when? lets do this! 🙂

  2. Me too! When are you going???

  3. I have something at school at 5pm but I should be done by 5:30. I was hoping to make the 6pm session.

  4. Spartan run looks like fun! Nice work sue.

    13:55 – ctb pullups with purple an little red.1 sandbag for the runs.

    130 for the 10 rep max on DLs.

  5. 14:17 (I think), thanks to encouragement from Erica on the last run.
    Rx with 2 sandbags.

    DL @ 205

  6. Deads @225#

    Did a couple at 275 but wasn’t feeling it today…

    Metcon: 9:36(Rx)
    Last run is tough!

  7. 14:17 Rx – ish: CTBs were questionable at the end

    DL 10 rep max @ 175

  8. DL 10 reps @ 185, 225, 245

    MetCon: 14:05, not CTB. I think my pull ups are getting worse. Yikes!

  9. DL@185
    Metcon 13:31 Huge noon class so I used the rings. Hard to kip on the rings! Not sure I was getting high enough every time. Burpees felt great after 12.1 WOD. Ha!

  10. DL, 205×10

    Metcon: 17:46 with regular pullups using tiny blue band.

  11. DL at 185. Tried 205# but wasn’t feeling it today.

    WOD in 12:4x Rx.

  12. 135 # for deadlifts

    Metcon. 17:36 rx with 43 lbs in sandbags

  13. DL: 142#

    Metcon: 16:16 RX

  14. still recovering.

  15. DL: 175
    Metcon: 15 and some change forget exactly and NO BANDS for 98% of the PULLUPS!

    • you are impressive lady!!

  16. DL: 135 #- this is a huge improvement! I could barely do 3 UB at this weight before.

    Met con: 13:55 RX (1 sandbag)- LOVED THIS ONE!

    • YAY! (and I don’t like the “HUGE”….the other is tiny so you should be “regular sized” – lol!)

  17. 20:45 (probably 75% real CTB pull-ups and remainder chest near bar).

    New Goal (Thanks Trish for the encouragement): 5 unbroken pull-ups with my hand facing the normal direction before my b’day this summer

  18. I forgot to post yesterday! 12:59!

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