Monday, March 12, 2012

“Buckin Monk”
Men lift 10,000 lbs from ground to overhead.
Women lift 7,000 lbs from ground to overhead.

NOTE: You can choose the weight and the method
(clean and jerk or snatch).

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  1. First workout post-surgery: 100 PP @ 45# in 14 minutes

    Everything appears to be OK …

    • Good to have you back!

      • 😀 Thanks!

  2. 10:55, RX at 70#

  3. My traps hurt from 12.3… Pluck a buckin monk!

  4. So sore from 12.3….I’m with you Harold! This is not one for someone who made up 12.3 less than 18 hours ago…so, I did 5 rds of 5 Front squats @ 185 and 25 GHDS, followed by 5 rounds 5 back squats @ 185 and 3 rope climbs. Good work for a recovery day. Save buckin monk for another day 🙂

    • I did 12.3 yesterday and then did this twice…don’t be so wimpy guys-lol!!!

      • ooooohhhhh!!! CALLED OUT!!!

  5. No fire today and no workout partner either. 😦
    14:30 65#

    • aww – sorry to hear that! My shoes are trashed from the Spartan Sprint and I need to get a new pair. Plus, I had to turn around the magazine proofs early today so didn’t have ME time. See you soon, though!!!

      • missed you today, Sue! Please send me pics of the Spartan Race so we can put them on the site!

  6. 85#

  7. Did 45# snatches. 21:15

  8. Did this one twice.

    At noon I used 70 lbs and it took 21:22. At 5 pm, I used 50 lbs and it took me 17:55.

  9. 23:24 @ 95#. I tried to do at least 3 snatches every 10 reps, but 105 reps at 95# overhead is heavy for me. Good workout, though.

  10. 14:58 @ 75#…and I may have done a few extra by accident.

  11. Nurse to me today: “Are you some kind of athlete or runner? Your numbers are really good.” 🙂

    • AWESOME!!!

    • Like.

    • That’s awesome. Made me smile… Way to go Joy!

    • WAHOOO!!! Did you school him/her on CF?

    • You’re some kind of athlete AND runner.

  12. 23:20

  13. #75 13:55 all clean and jerk

    I have soft baby hands and wet noodle forearms.

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