Wednesday, March 7, 2012

15 Minutes to find a 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk



 Max Reps in:

 5 Minute Row (Calories)
 4 Minutes of Squat Cleans (155#/105#)
 3 Minutes of Handstand Push Ups
 2 Minutes of Box Jumps (24″/20″)
 1 Minute of Kettlebell Swings (55#/35#)

NOTE: Sub SDHPs for rowing if needed…1 SDHP = 1 Calorie.

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  1. Happy birthday, David C (one of the nicest young men I know). You started your birthday off right. Great job on those heavy squat cleans. And everything else.

    • Thanks pat! Ur the best!

      80 calories
      15 squat cleans
      42 hspu
      57 box jumps
      22 kbs
      Total: 216 Rx

      • Happy Bday, David! Great job on the wod!

  2. Happy birthday!

    148 reps, with 65# squat cleans and pike pushups at varying degrees of difficulty. Thanks Pat for making me jump on the new box. Fun WOD!

  3. 120 lb front squat = PR

    140 reps 85# squat cleans

    • woot woot on the confident PR.

    • Yay, congrats on your PR!

  4. David- I can’t believe you didn’t say anything at 8:30am. Happy Birthday! I love your spirit for CrossFit and your enthusiasm for making our gym a great place.
    145 fs then 161 reps RX
    In the warmup, got a HSPU for the first time to full depth (no abmat), so decided to go RX. Didn’t get many but tried my best.

    • Great news!

    • First hspu is huge!!

    • And again, you make it look so easy! Congrats.

  5. Marcus and I held the fort for 6am 🙂

    C&J: 100# (Woo-hoo! Finally got 100. PR for clean, PR for C&J)

    Can’t remember my reps for “Faceplant”, but it’s def an appropriate name. 75# squat cleans, subbed push press (55#) for HSPU and step-ups for box jumps.

    Thanks, Pat and Will, for keeping us going!

    • PR city today! Big congrats, Jessica! That’s awesome!

    • “Faceplant” was ridiculous. I also have ZERO ideal what my reps were however i DO recall not loving doing those squats after rowing. (Rowing is the only number I remember 100 cals.)

      C&J: 205 PR

      I love that we had as many trainers as crossfitters. Talk about great trainer-to-crossfitter ratio!



    So I didn’t feel like this was my best performance, especially with the endurance aspect but I am totally not disappointed with my score just know I could of pulled a bigger number, especially on HSPU and Box Jumps.

    Row 86
    Squat Cleans 15
    HSPU 36
    Box Jumps 42
    KB 26
    total: 205 RX

    • OMG…you blogged! Indeed, not your best performance but an awesome row# and RX squat cleans!

  7. 148 reps.
    85 squat clean
    25lb kettlebell
    modified handstand pushup/
    felt pretty awesome-
    and a 115 on the front squat

    I am NOT waiting to see the open WOD at 8pm. 😉
    -yes..yes..I am. 🙂

    • Melanie- Nice #s today! Glad to see you back at it after the dog bite!
      And no, I’m not waiting to see what 12.3 is. :/

  8. 95# 1 rep Front Squat; tried 105 but ditched it when I was pitching too far forward.

    57 cal row
    14 squat cleans at 60#
    21 pike push ups from the floor
    17 box jumps 19-1/2″
    17 kbs 35#
    total: 126

  9. 235 lb Front squat – a PR and I felt I had more in the tank

    Metcon – 175 rx – only got 6 HSPU, but first time doing unassisted in WOD

  10. 1 RM front squat: 145#

    Metcon: 143 RX

  11. Not feeling it today.

    145 FS. Didn’t feel like lifting and did not go heavy.

    151 on the metcon. Everything RX except for HSPU. Subbed pike.
    Row: 63
    SC: 11
    Pike: 27
    BJ: 23
    KBS: 27
    Paced on the row. Totally slacked on the SC. Best effort was on BJ and KBS. Pikes were uncomfortable and muscle failure. Score on pike and BJ may be reversed?

  12. ”Faceplant”

    125 calories
    5 squat cleans (it was heavy and I needed to rest!)
    16 hspu
    34 box jumps
    30 kbs
    Total: 210 Rx

    That’s a good day.

  13. Took i easy on the front squats.

    Faceplant – 183 reps

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