Tuesday, March 6, 2012

15 Minutes to find a 1 Rep Max Snatch


2 Deadlifts (335#/225#)
2 Muscle Ups

Nicole jumps!

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  1. 55# for snatch
    5 rounds with 125 dead lift, red rubber band for pullups and dips with feet on one box and hands on the other.

  2. Didnt want to wreck my back so I did a modified version…
    AMRAP 7
    5 deadlift @225
    5 muscle ups

    6rds even

  3. Love this picture!

    Did practice squat snatch at 65 lbs (my back is still sore from Sunday!)

    Metcon DL 145# (see above – lol)
    Half MU, half JMU (and a bunch of missed MU!)

    3 rounds + 2 DL

  4. 125 snatch PR

    255 dead lift PR

    5 rounds + 2

  5. Practiced squat snatches rather than focusing on going heavy.
    55,65,75,85,90. Got 95 but it was a power snatch.

    5 rounds + 2DL + 4PU (my tiny purple)

    subbed pullups and assisted box dips (2:1) for MU.

    First time using tiny purple band for pullups in a workout (down from red). I figured at just 4 reps, I should give it a go.

    • 200# deadlift.

  6. 335 lbs… Really guys… Really…

    • Yeah really!! man up!! Ha just playin don’t hurt yourself!

    • Hey, Harold. What iPhone CrossFit app do you use?

  7. So great to be back in the gym!

    Snatch – Finally got 125# PR
    AMRAP – 6rds @ 245# w/ MUs.

    • Nice, Christin!

      • *Christian! 🙂

  8. 10 Rounds + 2 Deadlifts -RX
    Need to practice squat snatch. Don’t feel like it will be possible to increase my 1rm until I’m able to properly catch a snatch in a squat…

  9. Deadlifts didn’t seem like a good idea today so I did the following:

    50 sit-ups
    50 double-unders
    50 sit-ups
    50 lunges
    50 sit-ups
    25 burpees
    50 sit-ups

    • This looks FUN! Maybe it will be my come-back workout!

    • welcome back aaron! 🙂

  10. My sciatica (low back/hamstring) is inflamed again so I forced myself to rest and practice yoga. I’m getting really good at active rest days 2x a week and the rest of you should too. Especially with our new 7 day programming.
    Cya tomorrow.

    • ouch – rest and rebuild. I had a 90-minute massage for my WOD today. He said some of my shoulder muscles felt over-worked, so I told him he just got himself another 30 minutes of work. On me!

  11. Snatch max 125#, just not feeling it today
    WOD 215# and jumping muscle ups. 8 rounds. Felt good with DL. Still a ways to go with MU.

  12. PR 130# Snatch

    5rds 205# DL + 4 pullups + 4 ring dips
    1st 4 rds were unassisted pullups…also a PR
    and don’t recall ever doing unassisted ring dips (well, not in this decade anyway)

    • …I should say century

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