Monday, March 5, 2012

“Scorpion Bowl”

7 Rounds For Time:
7 Thrusters (135#/95#)
7 Burpees

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  1. Compare to:

  2. 9:45 with 40#s. Need to continue to work on my form with the thrusters. Thanks Will for the coaching.

  3. 12:01 with thrusters at 60#.

  4. 14:16 with 85# thrusters. Started at 95, but scaled after round 1.

  5. Just under 10 minutes. Started at 75# for first round, then scaled down to 55# for remaining 6 rounds. Glad to see Coach Street outran the zombies.

    • My Monday morning is never complete without you, Sue. You’re the ideal client…very consistent, very “coach-able,” and a superb sense of humor. Love you. Hated missing the Fri night outing. Next time!

  6. 11:18 @ 95#. Thrusters were pretty tough.

    • Indeed. But you FLEW through the burpees. Nice work, Jeff.

  7. Thanks to Coach TPoole for staying after the 8:30am to do this with me. I didn’t think I was that sore until the clock started. Felt lethargic today.
    10:11 with 85(rd1) and then 75 thereafter.
    TPoole and I forgot to subtract a minute (self-starter clock) from our times on the board.

    • I had to keep you honest Coach Street – lol!

      With the minute subtraction 10:26 at 65 lbs.

      (have I ever mentioned that I HATE thrusters???)

      • you might hate them, but you’ve gotten better at them.

  8. Wish I had looked at the ‘compare to’ beforehand. I was a little slower and 5lbs less weight today. My toes on one foot starting hurting immediately so that slowed me a little. But mostly I just had to stop and breathe! First round thrusters unbroken, but then immediately I slowed down and then started resting enough to break 4 and 3.
    12:59 50#

  9. 8:46 (I think). Used 55#. Had so much fun with the 4pm group! I hope I get out of clinic early again soon.

    • You really flew thru it! Great job!

  10. September 16 – 14:54, 88# thrusters

    Today – 13:57, 100# thrusters

    • WOW! Impressive!

  11. 15:12

    • good for you to stick with it gurl!!

  12. Took a break today — plenty of working out in a row, plus I went trail running yesterday around the Chatahoochee and my knees weren’t thanking me. Can’t wait to get to the gym tomorrow.

    On a different note, I’m running the Spartan Race this weekend and another friend who I was going to run with is trying to sell his registration. If anyone wants to do this race at the 12:30 heat, let me know — his registration is about half the price that registration costs now.

    • i’ll be there…think i’m in that heat already or maybe the 12:00 one…will keep an eye out for you! 🙂

      • I am there too, running w/ with the crazy Decatur Boxing Gym girls. Not sure of our start time, but I’ll watch for your muddy bods!

  13. 12:35 77# rounds 1-4; 77# rounds 5-7. Rested way too much on the thrusters.

  14. 16:21 at 95#.

  15. 18 minutes and change RX. Did 7 unbroken thrusters in the first round but then couldn’t string together more than 3 at a time, often just 2…probably should have dropped below RX.

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