Sunday, March 4, 2012


Make up OPEN WOD


15 Minutes to:

Find a 1 Rep Max Snatch Balance



75 Power Snatches For Time

NOTE: Men’s weight: 75# Women’s weight: 55#


CrossFit Yoga ($10 cover)

Elizabeth rocks Open WOD #2

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  1. Randy 7:59 RX

  2. First day back since late 2011.
    10 min amrap (5 pull-ups, 5 burpees, 10 double-unders)
    8 rounds even

  3. Huge shout out to Pat Culpepper for getting 72 reps (third highest for our gym) today on 12.2! BOOM!
    She inspired me so much that I ended up getting 60 reps with time to spare. I even tried 100# twice. Thanks Coaches Pat, Mike, Erin and Tpoole and the rest of you who pulled me through this today! You guys are AWESOME!

    • That was soooo much fun! Thanks for the shout-out and for counting/coaching me through it. You were awesome on the WOD! Guess what? 77 ain’t your 1RM anymore. You made the 75’s look pretty easy! And you almost had 100.

      Everybody check the master’s women 50-54 leaderboard because Coach Christin is in 29th place overall!

    • You rocked it out, Street! So much fun cheering you on!

      • Those are some big numbers, Coaches. Great work!

    • good work

    • Kick ass, Pat!

  4. Great job to Pat, Christin–fun to watch!!!

    I stuck with Randy- 6:34 RX (PR)

  5. Yay Pat and Christin!!!!!!

    Welcome back, Aaron, and a great job on Randy, Meeks and Dustin!

    I miss everybody. 😦 Hoping to be back by the weekend. xo

    • come back soon! I miss you, Terri!

  6. Did Randy Rx (first time for that), 10:37.

  7. Great job Pat. 3rd best overall in OUR gym is impressive.

    Redid 12.2 for 49 reps up from 41 on wednesday. Only failed on the first attempt at 135…I expect I could easily get this upwards of 50 just moving faster and probably to 60 with just a little drop (I essentially have none).

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