Tuesday, February 28, 2012

15 Minutes to find a 2 Rep Max Power Clean


“Death By Power Clean”

On the first minute complete one power clean
On the second minute complete two
On the third minute complete three
Etc… For 20 Minutes
(Men:  135 lbs./Women:  95 lbs.)

NOTE: Reps do NOT have to be consecutive. If you do NOT complete the designated amount of reps for that minute, start back at the beginning (1 rep, then 2 reps on the following minute, etc.) until 20 minutes have passed.

yay burpees! ...Kelly with 10 seconds to go (thanks for the awesome pic coach Pat!!)

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  1. 1RM: 145

    DBPC: 10 rounds @ 115

  2. 2RM: 135
    Death by power clean: 10 rounds @ 105#

  3. 2×2: 80
    Successfully completed 9 rounds. And then 7 and 2.

    • Wow all kinds of morning precoffee slowness on this post.
      2RM – 80
      9 rounds at 65#, then 6 and 2.

  4. 2RM: 85#
    Death: 13 reps at 65#

  5. 2RM Power Clean: 155#. Just two weeks ago this was my 1RM.

    9 rounds, failed on 10. Then 8 failed on 9. Did a couple of extra on the last round because I felt guilty.

    • Oh, and Death by Power Clean was at 115#.

  6. Power Clean 2RM, 135

    Death by Power Cleans – what a lovely way to go!
    12 rounds, RX

    • Thanks again for the encouragement and video…

      Also, Jess H and I really enjoyed watching you get the 12!

  7. So much fun to watch 14 people do the DBPC at noon! The place was rockin’!!

    2 rm 105

    7 rounds at 95 lbs (was hoping for 4, so I am happy!)
    Thanks to Pat and Street who stuck around and helped coach Jessica H and I thru this!

  8. Power Clean 2RM @ 125 (got 130×1)

    Death by PCs: 11 rounds, RX

    I liked this one!

    • She’s B…A….C…K!!!!

  9. I am clean’d out.

    2RM – 205
    DBPC – 12 rounds plus 8 rounds. Did the math – 105 cleans not counting build up to 2RM.

    • oh that was RX weight.

      • “like”
        We really enjoyed watching you!

  10. 2 RM power clean: 120#

    Death by power clean: 9 rds RX

    Nice power hour! and thanks Mike, Pat, and Christin for coaching 🙂

    • Yup, thanks to Michael too…always fun to workout in your class!

  11. Stupid fun. I got bruises on my thighs from the bar.

    • I have bruises too!

      12 rounds completed then back up to 8 at 115#.

      I think I’m ready for real weight on PCs. All my future PC workouts will be done at RX weight.

  12. 115# 2RM
    10 rds RX (plus all the other reps until 20 min was up!)
    The way I look at it, I lifted 9500lbs (100reps) in 20 min. Roar!!

    • You are a BEAST!!

  13. 13 rounds RX…3 of which were painful! Loved this workout though! Oh, and 215 for a 2 rep, also pulled 225 once. Felt really good about it!

    • DAMN!! Awesome! (thanks for posting!)

  14. 12 rds (Rx)….this wasn’t bad until rd 8 or so

  15. Had fun with 5pm!

    2 RM power clean: 95#

    Death at 10 rds (then died again at 8): 75#

  16. 2 RM: 215 (stiff wrist style)
    10 rounds RX

    workout was a beast!

  17. Probably should have rested today, but couldn’t stay away!
    Was 20 min late to the workout and ran out of time for the lifting…got up to 110#x2

    Death at 8 Rounds Rx

  18. felt good today going into this workout. Took Monday off from working out and rested.

    2 RM: 195lbs.

    Death at 12 rounds RX. This workout I enjoyed a lot and sweated like a beast by the time 20 minutes was up. Loved it!

  19. Didn’t have time to get to the gym yesterday, but I did the workout after work –

    Got 7 rounds, then 6 RX. 74 reps total.

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