Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 minutes to practice Muscle Ups



30 Clean and Jerks (135#/95#)

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  1. Yes!!! Grace!! She took me for everything I had the first time we went out. Can’t wait to see her tomorrow!!!

  2. What happened to everyone this morning?!?

  3. Getting excited for the opening of Games season and the announcement of first WODs today! What are CFRX plans for the Open workouts? Thanks.

  4. Grace is sexy.
    95# 4:24

  5. Grace, RX in 3:18. PR by 21 seconds.

  6. 85# 2:26. As Yogi Berra may have said, I PR-ed on my very first time! Excited to try some bigger rubber next go-round …

  7. Scaled Grace because of the Opens. Decided my goal for today was to get this in half of what my Grace RX PR was (which was 5:31 a few weeks ago). I almost made it!
    2:56, 75#

  8. Grace in 3:21RX… over a 70 second PR from my first date with Grace. I think i’m doing more of a clean and press instead of a clean and jerk. I’m used to split jerking with heavier weight and haven’t quite refined the regular jerk because I don’t do it often.

    Where’s FRAN??? She owes me some money… I don’t condone domestic violence but i plan on Kicking FRAN’s butt the next time I see her… she embarrassed me in front of company last time.

  9. Last time I did Grace at 73# and my time was a looong 7:21. Kept it at 70# this time and time was 4:29.

    • You’ve been making fantastic progress, Paige!

  10. 95#, 4:24

  11. Held off on the burpees this am and did grace instead.

    5:13, 75# shaved off about 2 min since the last time. Same weight.

    Thanks will and erin for keeping me going!

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