Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Minutes to find Max Rep Double-Unders


Deadlifts (315#/215#)
Chest-slapping Push Ups

NOTE: Sub 1-1 Jumping/rowing Muscle-ups if needed.

"CrossFit RX...The Best at Jenga"

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  1. Well, when you don’t have a muscle-up, this one is tough. Good practice on the transition, though.

    Max DUs: 27

    WOD: DL @ 225, Banded Seated Muscle Ups (purple)

  2. Max DU:40 (no PR)
    WOD:155#, old blue band MUs, clapping pushups in ~8min? Scaled DLs with the Open just ahead.

    • That was FAST, Street!

      • Thanks TMac. These were unbroken and light for me. I can’t wait to do this one RX since I LOVE Deadlifts!!

  3. Max DU = 22 (a few under my PR)

    WOD: 105# with banded pull ups and dips and regular hand-release push ups, which I tried not to snake.


  4. Max DU: 6. Yes, SIX! I’m happy to report that is NOT a PR.

    Deadlifts at 175, all unbroken touch & go and no back pain.
    Subbed pullups (red band) and dips (red band) 1:1 for MU.
    Subbed “perfect” plank pushups 1:1.

  5. 33 DUs (a PR)
    13:23? Using 110# for DLs and Pullup and dips for MUs and a combo of game standard Pushups and those with a little hop.

  6. 42 DUs — no PR : (

    9-something on the metcon.
    DLs @ 185 unbroken
    Subbed pullups and box dips for MUs

  7. DU 26 around my PR but first time I recorded these

    Pull ups + blue band dips
    Pushups with jump at top

  8. 42 double unders…PPPR, as Kelly called it. Post partum PR. Those were with an extra hop in between. Then I worked on stringing together without the hop and only got 10.

    Metcon 12:27

    Went light on DL @155 and dropped after each rep because back is still an issue. Did seated muscle-ups with small red band. Started with clapping push-ups but only got through the first 2 rounds, then switched to regular with a hand release at the top. Pushups were the hardest part.

    • Oops… DUs were 43

  9. REGISTER FOR THE CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN TONIGHT! Time is running out. You have until Feb 26th at 5pm (which is the deadline for posting your score for the first WOD)

    Here’s a fantastic blurb on why EVERYONE should do this.

  10. Max DUs: 45 (PR by far)

    WOD: DL @315, banded seated MUs (gold), chest slapping push ups
    ~17 or so I think?

    • actually it was 19 mins and some change.

  11. 115# DL
    Pull up w/ red and dip w/ red
    Push ups kind of regular
    Thanks for watching my form, C

    • Coach Poole. I’ll work on chest up for DLs.

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