Tuesday, February 14, 2012

20 Minutes to:
Back Squat 2×2 @ 90%
Front Squat 1 Rep Max


 “Boat Race”
3 Rounds for time:
500 Meter Row
400 Meter Run

 NOTE: Rest 3 minutes between rounds. Sub 50 SDHPs @ 45# for rowing if needed.

Jessica H. totally Rocking the Garage Games Event One this weekend, despite frigid temps (it actually SNOWED on her)...Outstanding!!

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  1. You rock!!!!

    • Yes, Jessica H. rocks!

      • wish there was a “like” button on the blog 🙂 thanks.

        • LOVE the Jess Collage! You were so fun to watch! I love your go-gett’em attitude. Congrats!

    • Plus, she is so fashionable! Look how that kettlebell matches her hoodie!

      • haha 🙂 totally

  2. Kick ass!

  3. Jessica, so glad you competed. I hope you enjoyed it and will do more competitions and take some of our other fab girls with you! Sorry I couldn’t be there to cheer you on.

    • Thanks Pat! I’m definitely looking forward to more competitions and everyone should compete. You meet so many people and it’s a lot of fun.

  4. 195 x 2 Back Squat
    175 1RM Front Squat: PR

    Boat Race: 17 min + change

  5. Whoa jelly legs!
    110 for back squat
    105 front squat (tied pr)
    19:22 (w rest included).

  6. Got in some work with Christin and Pat!!

    17:10 for the Boat Race – felt good today. Although this workout has Bob written all over it.

    • And great job representin’ Jess

  7. 17:12 for the boat race. Will kept me pushing myself. Just missed Bryan’s time!
    Attempted 185# for FS, but no luck.
    205# on the 2 rep BS

  8. Back Squat: just did a few lightish reps as warmup for the front squat, 95×5, 115×3, 135×2. Protecting the back these days.

    Front Squat, stopped at 155 which is considerably under my PR of 181. 155 felt heavy and my form was not solid so I stopped there.

    20:21 on the Metcon

    • You forgot to mention you had to sub 50 SDLHP for the rows (because you’re a super nice person who volunteered to be the one) which in my opinion are way harder. Good job Poole!

      • Clearly you intended this for Poole and not me. I hope she sees it!

        • haha! Yes it was for Poole. Gah!
          As for you, Pat, you killed it yesterday esp on the runs.

  9. Did the Row/Runs with Pat and Bryan. 18:33
    Lower back felt tweaked after a few light squats, so I stopped there.

  10. THE CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN WOD 1 will be announced one week from tonight! Every single member of CFRX needs to register!

    No matter what your level, this is a blast. It’s a gigantic online whiteboard for six weeks which gives you a chance to see how you stack up against others from France to New Zealand.

    Don’t delay, register today!

    • i second this emotion…everyone @ CFRX sign up now! (por favor)

  11. FS# 105
    BS# 105 (should’ve done more I think…. my backsquat is definitely stronger than front, legs were burning from yesterday’s
    wall balls anyway 🙂

    20:09 for the boat ride

  12. Played hooky from work today so I didn’t come but really considered driving in just for this workout; will have to make it up!

    Awesome pics Jess…truly inspired me to do the next one!

    • …i was wondering where you were 😉

  13. Way to go Jess!

    Back squats @ 125#
    Front squat: 125# PR
    Boat ride: 20:03

  14. Made up Boat race on Thursday after Black and Blue

    17:15 (Thought I would be faster;
    I think I needed someone to chase…)

  15. Back squat: 185# 2×2
    Front Squat: 155# (new PR!)
    Boat race: 17:59

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