Monday, February 13, 2012

20 Minute AMRAP:
10 Push Presses (115/80)
10 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
10 Box Jumps (24”)

Bob Harris...CFRX winner of the 2012 Tough Mudder...completed all obstacles (without falling into the crazy-cold H2O), went shirt-less all day (if you were there, you know how nuts this is), and led almost every running section with a smile. BadA$$ Tough Mudder as RX'd!!!

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  1. I love you bob!!!!!!!

    • I love you too man!

  2. Bob is some kind of total badass.

  3. bob is crazy………he probably rowed a 20K when he got home

    • Hahaha!! Outside! Wearing an ice suit!! 😀

      • and no shoes

  4. Approx. 13 miles of running/crawling/climbing through freezing mud, water, ice, electricity, tubes, cargo nets, wall-climbs, rings, monkey-bars, trails, fire, and other people with temps ranging from sub-30 to mid 40’s in just under 3 hours…pretty good Sunday morning!
    Great job Team CFRX!!

    • Notice how Michael just slips in “electricity” like it’s a normal part of an obstacle course. That’s how they get you! But I learned something about myself – namely, that when hit with 10,000 volts, it is impossible not to scream obscenities!

    • Proud of you, Michael, and all you badass CFRX guys who did this thing!!

  5. That’s badass! Love the picture!

  6. Best CFRX pic ever!

  7. Awww…feeling the love today.

    Michael, Ben and Kelly – truly the best time and most fun I’ve had in a long while – team work, comraderie and personal mastery all in one 3-hour package. Thank you so much!

  8. Bad ass Bob… You’re my hero!! All hail Bad ass Bob!!! He’s one tough mu$&@#% (shut yo mouth!) …I was just talking about Bob!

    Nice touch with the CFRX on your face! Now maybe other gyms will follow our programming! CFRX fool!!!

  9. Bob you have inspired me – is anybody doing any of these smaller obstacle course races? Some of these have heats when people go?

    Run For Your Lives
    Spartan Sprint

    • I’ll be at the Spartan for sure…possibly the zombie one too if my climbing plans for that weekend fall through 😉

      • I claimed 10 rounds plus 9 but after comparing notes with Britney, I might have done 9 + 9… IDK now. 😦

        Either way, overall I felt good about it. Only had to break once per round from 5 thru 8 on the PP and twice in the last round or two. No breaks on the KBs.

  10. Wow!

    AMRAP: 8 rds plus 3 PP. Presses at 55#, box 20″. Plenty hard!

  11. 6 rounds + 10 + 2 @ 95lb, 55lb kettle, step ups

  12. “Jack”
    6 rounds even rx

    My shoulders will be hating me tomorrow!

  13. 8 rounds + 10+10+1
    20″ box and RX weights

    • dang! Nice work, Pat.

  14. Nice Bob!

    Good to be back after vacation, and it was nice to see all the familiar faces in the noon class

    6rds + 6 RX

  15. Great group at noon as usual.

    9 rds even RX

  16. Way to go tough mudders!

    7 rounds +10 pp + 10 kb swings + 9 box jumps
    1 box jump short of 8!

    55# pp, 35 kb and 24 inch box

  17. Congrats to all the mudders for surviving the course and the cold! nice pic bob!

    7rds + 10 + 4

    70# pp, 35# kb

  18. Good to be back !

    Had to do some modifications, because my shoulder is
    still messed up…..

    10 wall ball #10
    20 ab mat
    10 box jump #20

    7 rounds + 10 + 20

  19. 7 Rounds even RX

    A little disappointed since I did round 1 in under a minute. Need to stretch out badly and work on my endurance.

  20. 6 rounds plus 5 push press. First two rounds RX.
    Then, went down to 70# on push presses.
    Ouchie mama!
    The entire 8:30 class was laid out on the floor after this little gem.

  21. I had a fun time back at the gym after a looooong absence. I’ve been confined to walking and pool work for a while because of chronic, non-crossfit related disc/back problems, so I just did some rowing, stretching, and light shoulder presses. I am determined to reenter slowly and perhaps pinpoint problem movements. At any rate, good to be back.

    • Yay! Welcome back, Ruth!

  22. LOVE all the bloggers today.
    Did this solo after coaching the 8:30am. While I prefer the 20+ min time domain, I think I could’ve done at least another full round with a rabbit to chase.
    8 rds +10/10 RX

  23. Look at all the posters posting!!

    I had my last (of four) swim coaching session with Hilary today. That’s three consecutive days in the pool for me, so I’ll play tomorrow by ear. I might need a rest day.

    If anyone is interested in improving as a swimmer, Coach Hilary is your woman. She. Simply. Rocks.

  24. “Jack”: 8 rounds + 10 +10 +1
    45# push press; 35# db; started w/20″ jump, but dropped to 18.5”

  25. Jack
    6rounds + 10 + 10. 95# with PP.

  26. “Fat Jack”
    5 Rounds + 10

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