Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Minutes to:

Power Clean 3×3

Note: Keep same weight across all sets…you decide how heavy to go.


“Death By Pull Up”

On the minute do 1 pull up. On the second minute do 2 pull ups. Each minute add a pull up until you cannot complete the set in the time allotted.

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  1. I know we’ve done “Death by Pull Up” before. Anybody know the previous date?

    • 100926 or 9/26/10?? Durn you for making me blog, Terri, but I couldn’t help myself. After 2 years of saving little scraps of paper, I finally logged all those freakin’ things in a couple of days ago. And look – it’s already paid off!

      • HA!! Thanks, Jen! I was doing the Growlery then, though. Must have been longer ago for me. Or maybe I did it in one of my CrossFit dreams, where I’m really good at everything.

        • Search for “Pullup Ladder”. That’s what it was called and you’ll get several hits on this blog. Or just search “ladder” so you don’t have to worry about how Pullup was spelled. Pullup. Pull-up.

  2. Great job, morning crews!! I always have a blast coaching the early morning peeps! Everyone looked strong.

    • Thanks for the motivation, Erin! Great class!!!

  3. 14 rounds…barely.

    • uh, that’s really good.

  4. I used 95 lbs for the cleans.

    16 rounds of pullups…only one rip!!

    Thanks Christin!

  5. 70# power cleans

    Now I’m sorry I looked up my previous result on the ladder because I didn’t do much better. Used less band but got nearly the identical score: 8 + 5

    To get better at pull ups, I have to be willing to work on them. So far, I haven’t been willing. Because I hate them.

    They destroyeth my soul.

  6. Skipped the power cleans because my right bicep tendon is acting up again from all the cleans I’ve been doing lately.

    On the pullup ladder, I got 12 rounds + 11 using the red band. Last time I did this was in November 2009 when I got 10 rounds + 10 pullups using blue+tiny bands.

    Swimming later.

  7. Used 200 for cleans
    13 rounds plus 6 for pullups

    Last time I did this – I think 2 years ago, I got 9 rds.
    Best part – no rips!

  8. Did 20 + a few…felt a rip coming so I call it a day

  9. Cleans @ 75#
    Pullups: death at 13 (got 12 plus a leisurely 6)
    On the bright side, that’s 84 pullups in 13 minutes…Crossfit is funny that way.

  10. 125# on the cleans. Should’ve done more. 13 rds + 10–new PR!

  11. 80# power clean

    14 pull ups RX….Wahooooooo!!!!!!!!

    • Wow – didn’t you just learn to pull up no bands

      • Yes!!! It’s an awesome feeling!!!

  12. did 9rds +7 strict pull-ups at the climbing gym after climbing for 2 hours…gonna redo with kips sometime next week.

  13. Power cleans at 95 pounds. Got 17 rounds + 6 or so. Hands are toast. Gotta work on pullups without rips.

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