Wednesday, February 8, 2012

20 minutes to:
Learn/Practice Clean and Jerk


1. Snatch 2×1@90%
2. Clean and Jerk 1×1@90%, 1×1@85%


“Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds for time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135#/95#)
NOTE: Sub 1-1 Rowing MU’s or Jumping MU’s for Muscle Ups if needed.

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  1. Welcome back Reggie.

  2. “nasty girls”

    This WOD is my all time favorite…. It was the first benchmark I ever did and it crushed me… I’ve been hooked ever since.

    Speaking of being hooked, I went to Rock climbing yesterday for my first time in 15 years… I f’n love it!!!!!
    Michael— kelly and I were going to try to hit stone summit tomorrow morning or afternoon if u can make it…..

    • dude!! that is a freakin AMAZING time for Nasty girls!! 🙂
      Re: climbing…You just say when & I’ll be there…SS opens @ 11…wanna meet up then? alternately, we could aim for afternoon?

      • p.s. this invite to climb is open to every CFRXer…tell me when you want to go & we’ll get you on a wall for a vertical adventure! (as a crossfit modality, climbing is considered a “gymnastic”…who doesn’t need more gymnastic stuff??)

        • I wondered what it took to get you to blog. Just say “climb.”

          • Ha!! 😀

        • Hey text me your number- mine is 404-259-7568… I think I’m obsessed with climbing already…uh oh

        • turns out my training may end at 11/11:30…so i might go boulder at SS when I’m out of here

          • will b @ SS 12:15

  3. Boys day at noon – (as a caveat – Trish was doing her own thing)

    worked on squat snatches and C&Js
    Metcon – 9:37 did seated muscle ups for first time in workout, used thin black band and will need to use less next time. But definitely help me feel the movement I will need to finally get a MU. used RX weight

  4. Swimming session with Coach Hilary tonight! See you another day, most likely tomorrow. (I’m reluctant to attempt a CF workout and a swim session in one workday.)

    • Two-a-day Terri!!! I like it

  5. 7:26
    Rowing M.U.’s

    Congrats to David on his insane time!

  6. 95# HPC.
    Subbed 14 pullups and 14 Dips for the 7MU per round
    All HPC were unbroken.

  7. snatch: 80#
    c&J: 95#

    9:45 rowing mu’s

    then 45# sled pull with Therese…think we only did 160m either way it was hard.

  8. Made up “Nasty Girls” today: 11:26, with cleans at 65# and SMUs. Fun!

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