Monday, February 6, 2012

20 minutes to:
Learn/Practice Snatch
1. Snatch 5×1 @ 90%
2.  Clean and Jerk 5×1 @ 90%


6 Minute AMRAP:
4 Deadlifts (315#/215#)
8 Handstand Push Ups
12 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)

 NOTE: Sub standing pike pushups for HSPUs if needed.

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  1. I used 70 lbs for the snatches, 95 lbs for the clean and jerk.

    DL – 145#
    HSPU with bands
    35# KB

    3 rounds + 3 DL

  2. Snatches @ 60#, clean and jerks @ 80#.

    DLs @ 145#, standing pike pushups
    3 rds + 1 DL

  3. Enjoyed my rare appearance at the 8:30 am class and great coaching from Christin.

    Snatches @ 80#
    Clean & Jerks @ 115# (failed twice at 120#)

    Starting with the GREAT news….first time doing HSPUs in so long. Used a red band and a tiny blue band and they felt great. Though my shoulder has been an issue for many things, it didn’t hurt at all!! And my range of motion rocked, if I do say so myself . I have always struggled with ROM on these, which I attribute to having learned using abmats that prevented me from developing the muscles I needed to do grea HSPUs. So starting over can be really good. I am confident that I will get back to RX HSPUs before long.

    The not so great news…I tweaked my back in round 3. Couldn’t do the KBS anymore, even at a lower weight. I had gone light on the DLs and those felt great, so I am not sure what happened. But I stopped instead of fighting through and am going to Sadri today so I’ll get it worked out and continue to be very careful.

    3 rounds in 4.5 minutes (finished round 3 with toes to bar instead of KBS), then DNF

    DL@ 135# (dropped each time to protect back)
    HSPUs with red band + tiny blue over shoulders
    KBS rds 1-2 @ 35#; rd 3: sub 12 TTB

    • Great to wod with you again…take care of that back!

  4. 4 rds + 4/7 @ 255

  5. Sntaches at 90#, 5×1. (all squat snatches).

    C&J at 120, 5×1. (all power cleans)

    155# DL due to back pain.
    pike pushups from the floor
    4 rounds + 4 + 8

  6. 3 rounds plus 4, 8 at 175#.
    big 8:30 class – welcome to a few new faces!

  7. snatch: 70#
    C&J: 95/100#

    Garage games workout:
    21-15-9 with Therese
    KBS @35#
    barbell burpees
    push press

    9:50ish not at 100% but close enough

    and then I signed up for the Garage Games on Saturday 🙂

  8. Had my first swim coaching session with the fabulous Hilary Cohen this evening! It. Was. FUN!

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