Friday, February 3, 2012


5 Rounds of:
5 Heavy Front Squats (NO Racks…you choose weight)
Max Rep Chest To Bar Pull Ups (if you can’t do more than 5, then do the hardest version you can do 5 consecutive of)

NOTE: Rest 2 minutes between rounds. 

...triple extension...yup 🙂

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  1. Whew! Passed my Level 1 test (under the not-so-new rules had to take it to maintain Level 1 status). ‘Twas no slam dunk.

    Hi everyone, hope to be in soon!

    • Yay, Sheryl!

      Great picture of Brittany!

    • Congrats! I passed too! SO, you better come back in : D

    • Congrats, Sheryl!!

  2. I used 90 lbs on the FS.
    36 C2B pullups

  3. First and second set with 175, dropped to 165 for the last 3…

    79 c2b

  4. FS 100#/26 CTB pull-ups. Pull-up numbers were low but I am very happy because I haven’t been able to do CTBs at all since early in my pregnancy!!

  5. FS 185/ 41 CTB pullups. I know this was the right weight to use because I failed to clean my last round on first try. Very happy with CTBs and lots of friendly competition at noon.

  6. Also – Congrats to all the new level 1 certs!!!

  7. FS 115# (should have gone 125 or 135)
    38 CTB pullups

    Congrats to the Level 1 folks!

  8. More coaches for everyone!!

  9. FS 105 / 36 CTB with blue band.
    This weight was not challenging enough, but settled here due to my troublesome back. 115 or 120 would have been more appropriate . . . When the back is better.

  10. 145# FS
    55 C2B pullups w/ tan and green

  11. 115# FS. Should have done 125. 28 pull-ups, with 2 or 3 C2B each round before switching to regular.

  12. Made this up Sunday. I was warming up my front squats with the red bar when Michael walked over and pushed my elbows up. I. Could not. Do it. Like that.

    Dropped the weight to 15#. Perfect form. Added 10#. Perfect form. Added 5#. Did the work with 30# and the best form I’ve ever had. Thanks, Michael!

    Pull ups (not C2B) with a bit too much band: 48

    • 🙂 you did awesome!

  13. made up on sunday.

    misread the board and thought it was max rep heavy front squats-oops

    each round 8 front squats @ 95#s
    25 C2B RX

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