Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Run 400 Meters for time.


40 minutes to:
Squat Snatch, 1 Rep Max
Clean and Jerk, 1 Rep Max
Back Squat, 1 Rep Max

NOTE: Log your 1 RM’s please…these are kinda important.

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  1. Love this picture!!

    1:39 for 400,

    75# squat snatch (PR), 105# clean and jerk, 135# backsquat

  2. 400m – 1:15
    Squat Snatch – 165 (PR) tried to snatch heavier but could not drop
    C&J – 215 again no drop
    Back Squat – 295 – dropped 315 twice which would have been new PR, first time heavy BS in months and tied my PR so I happy.

    • haha – I said heavy BS

  3. 4 PRs tonight!

    500M row: 1:38
    Squat snatch: 85 (not much, but I’ll take it)
    C&J: 135
    Back Squat: 215

    And with that, I will rest tomorrow after 5 days of straight CFRX!

    • PR-etty great!!!

    • Wow! Congrats, King of PRs!

  4. 500M row 1:38
    Squat Snatch 115# PR (attempted 125)
    C&J 155# (attempted 175)
    BS: 215# PR (attempted 225)

  5. 400M, Mell route, 1:49

    Squat snatch, 100#, PR by 5
    C&J, 135, 5 under PR
    Back squat, stopped at 200 due to back pain. That’s 42# under my PR.

    • Nice sprint, Pat!

  6. I had a happy evening weightlifting in the gym even though it was no big PR day. I’m climbing back up to where I was after a long time of poor performance (due to bad nutrition). Thirty+ days of no sugar is working for me! Must stay strong.

    Run was slowww – shoes came untied & I stopped to tie them once. 2:08

    Squat snatch = 40 (my PR is 57)
    Clean & jerk = 80 which matches PR (cleaned 85 but couldn’t jerk it. My max jerk is 88)
    Back squat = 120, PR by one lb 🙂

  7. 1:36 Row (PR)

    110# Squat Snatch (12# PR)
    160# C&J (10# PR on the Clean, 10# PR on the C&J)
    255# BS – just didn’t have it in me tonight

    • You had 3 PRs in you!!! Congrats, Dustin.

  8. 105 # Squat Snatch (it speaks to how weak I am at this lift that that is a PR but I’ll just anticipate much room for growth).

    195# C&J (PR for both the clean and the jerk though my jerk deceptively resembles a push press).

    275# Back Squat (Not a lifetime PR but a PR for this millenium so I count it)

    • oh…and a 1:20 400 though, admittedly, I sandbagged that a bit.

  9. Came in at 7 to do this one.

    1:03 on the 400 w Harold breaking the headwind for 1/2 of it for me.

    Somewhat disappointed w the max today. PRd the snatch technically but only by 5 lb over last May. I can do more I’m sure. 125#

    Clean and jerk – got my first 165# clean but jerk wasn’t there. Topped out on c&j at 160#. Prob a solid PR there.

    No backsquat today – knee issues.

  10. 500m row: 2:04…the run would have been much better

    Sqt Snatch: 70# (still working on form)

    C&J: 105# (cleaned 110#)

    Back squat: 170# PR by 5#

  11. Came in Thursday for this. Skipped the sprint because I was feeling old and slow and terrible. I’ll do it another day.

    32# squat snatch practice

    72# C&J = baseline 1RM (can’t find a record of a 1RM anywhere)

    82# back squat = 25# less than my PR

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