Tuesday, January 31, 2012

20 minutes to:
Learn/Practice Squat and Power Clean
1. Power Snatch 5×1 @ 80%
2. Power Clean and Jerk 5×1 @ 80%


3 Rounds of:
Max Reps in 1 Minute of:
Wall Balls (20″/14″)
Power Cleans (135#/95#)
Toes To Bar
Box Jumps (24″/20″)

NOTE: Rest 30 seconds between rounds. Score is total reps.

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  1. Ouch!

    264 (Rx)
    Rd1: 105
    Rd2: 75
    Rd3: 84

  2. 157: 50, 51, 56 with 65 for power cleans.
    Power snatch at 45 and power clean & jerk at 60.

  3. That was tough!

    161: 65, 55, 41 (I had nothing left for that last round)

    95# Snatch, 145# C&J

  4. 70# for snatch
    85 # for clean and jerk

    174 rx

    VERY pleased with my WB shots…most were on target and I was able to string them together for the first time at 14 lbs.

  5. Power Snatch: 85x5x1 – 83%. Felt good.
    Power Clean & Jerk: 105x5x1 – That’s shy of 80%, but the jerk didn’t feel good today, so I kept it light. I’m really trying to do a better job of listening to my body on these lifts, and in general.

    151, everything RX except for TTB. As Terri would say, I had “toes with good intentions”. TWGI

  6. Snatch 70# (100%)
    C&J 105 (90%)
    185 RX
    TTB killed my score. I can bust these out on rings but not-so-much on the bar.

  7. Let’s see…worked snatch at 55# and C&Js at 75#.

    Metcon: 161, so not Rx…12# ball, 65# cleans, and TTB form was terrible. Good intentions indeed…what’s that about the road to hell?

    • Oh, that was meant like, “soooo not Rx…”

  8. Feeling mighty low today. My toes will have good intentions on Thursday, when I make this one up. Yay to all of you who did this today!

    As for the road to hell, Paige, I believe you are mistaken:


  9. Snatch @ 110#
    C&J @ 145#

    MetCon: 160

    14# WallBall
    125# Cleans
    20″ Step Ups

  10. Started at Classic City Crossfit today in Athens. Boy did that coach let me know that I’m not that experienced! It’s like this every gym I go to, because EVERY CF gym coaches differently and has different priorities. So keep in that in mind as you get newcomers! =)

    Guess I will just have to prove my worth.

    Miss you guys!

    • You’ll show ’em, Cait!

  11. Snatch – 155
    C&J – 195

    Metcon – 205
    80-64-61 – box jumps were good today

  12. 236 @ 120#

  13. 162 RX

    Rd 1: 60
    Rd 2: 51
    Rd 3: 51

    Didn’t count a lot of wbs cause they didn’t hit the target…need to work on that goat

    • snatch: 75#
      C&J: 85# used a low weight to work on form

  14. 191 RX Made up on Thursday

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