Monday, January 30, 2012


3 Rounds For Time:
25 Power Snatches (65#/45#)
50 Walking Lunges
75 Double-Unders 

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  1. Well, after Friday and Saturday, this makes 3 ‘gassers’ in a row. A really good WOD, though, even thought the DUs were slow today.

    20:50 Rx

    • Well done sir 🙂 good to see you in so bright and early!

  2. 22:39. With 35#. Double unders seemed okay in sets of 10.

  3. 24:01 Rx. Hard.

  4. Hey everyone. Erica has offered to be available after the 10am team wod this Saturday to talk nutrition. This is just an informal followup session. We’ll just hangout and talk. If the group is small, we might walk down to SF Coffee instead.

  5. 19:00 with singles.
    I vow to work on DU’s. Sore from the weekend and didn’t want to spend the morning whipping myself with the jump rope.

  6. 1 rounds completee before aborting due to knees, sub 1k row for remainder of workout.

  7. Ow Ow Ow!!! MUCH harder than I was expecting.

    35#, did 2 rounds then stopped due to soul-crushing despair. After a few minutes, felt better and finished. Total time = around 32 minutes.

    Welcome to all the new folks! God help you.

    • Way to finish out the wod!!!

    • God help us all!

      • Nice work Terri! It was tough.

    • Bravo for getting back to it, T! I thought about quitting, too. That’s CrossFit!! You feel great when it’s done!

    • Thanks, friends!! Actually, total time was 34:??. 32 was time minus standing around after quitting round 2. Not that anybody is checking up. Or reading this. 😉

  8. 20:12 RX – lunges crushed my double unders.

  9. I did 55# snatches by mistake.
    Subbed 45 light wall balls for the DU due to inflamed heel.
    22:38 ( I think that’s right.)

  10. 20:06 rx

    On the first round of DU, I kept missing after every 2-3 reps…finally figured out at about rep 70, that the rope was grazing my pony tail each time. Once I reset the pony tail, the DU came back – lol!

    • I guess you could say that I was medusa – haha!!

      • Way to tame that tail.

  11. What a gasser!

    12:03 (Rx)

  12. 40# snatches, did a few DUs but mostly subbed 3x singles
    I love our gym! Welcome all new people. Stick with it!

    • Great job reaching day 30 with no sugar!!

  13. 45 # snatches
    Did 25 DUs + 150 singles each round

    21:27 (I think..didn’t write it down)

    If anyone finds my DUs, please return them to me. I lost them and cannot find them. I was never good at them, but my level of suck is currently ridiculous. I guess I might actually have to start working on them like I keep saying I am going to.

    • It’s crazy the way this skill seems to ebb and flow. I’d been doing well with them lately… then last week I tried the crossover thingys. Afterward I couldn’t get more than 1 or 2 DUs. It was freaky.

  14. 27:ish RX

    definitely needed someone else doing this with me for a pace cause apparently if i pace myself it’s super slow. still did work and i’m happy with that 🙂

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