Wednesday, Janaury 25, 2012

20 Minutes to:

Learn/Practice Clean and Jerk


Snatch: 1×1 @ 95%, 1×2@80%
Clean and Jerk: 1×1@90%, 2×2 @ 75%


 10 Minute AMRAP:
10 Burpee Pull Ups
15 Deadlifts (185#/135#)
20 Crossovers

 NOTE: A “crossover” is 1x crossing/uncrossing arms while jumping rope.

more fun with sleds

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  1. Hey, that’s my house, and my girlfriend’s car! Is it Brittany, casing the joint?

    • Don’t leave anything valuable in your car to tempt me please!

    • Maybe she’s dropping off some plates for you guys to workout with – lol!

  2. Here’s a link to a video of a guy doing crossovers. I’ll be demoing them JUST LIKE THIS at 6am and 7am tomorrow.

    • Sorry I missed it – LOL!

  3. Fun morning!
    Practiced snatch up to 50#
    clean and jerk up to 70#
    amrap: 2 rounds + 5 burpee pullups
    110 for deadlift, crossovers rx, and pullups were attempts.

  4. Just me and 3 UB Trainers @ noon – just a little intimidating

    Squat Snatch used 165 and 145
    C & J – used 205 and 165

    Metcon – 3 rds +2
    Subbed 21 KB swings (55) for DLs. Saving back. I know it sounds weird but back is only hurting when I do DLs and Back squats.

    • It is not weird. I am completely out with back problems for some time now, and in nearly constant pain. Don’t risk it.

  5. Couldn’t make it at noon and thought I’d have to do this alone but hooray! David and Kelly were doing it at 1:30 so I joined them.

    2 rounds + 10 + 4 rx
    Deadlifts were slow today…I’m still worried about my back
    Also, we did pullups from the full hang, not jumping up into them.

    Squat snatch: 1 x 65, 2 x 55
    Clean and Jerk 1 X 105, 2 X 90

    BTW 105 is a PR for C and J for me – yay!

  6. Snatch 55# and clean and jerk 95# (PR)

    2 rounds plus 10 burpee p-u’s, 15 deadlifts (135#), 2 single unders. Got in 2 crossovers.
    Thanks, Kelly, for coaching.
    Elizabeth – our new crossover queen! Nice work!

  7. Making this up tomorrow. Is everybody getting the crossovers? I can’t imagine …

  8. Snatch — 80, 65
    C&J — 120, 95

    Metcon: 3 rds
    Mods– jumping pullups and single unders

    Stayed after to work on double unders and progressed from 1 to 3 in a row. Thanks for the tips Therese and Andrew!

  9. Snatch: 65#, 75#, 85#, 95#. Working on form.

    Pretty fun metcon. 2 rds.+10+6, Rx.

  10. Snatch: 65#
    C&J: 100#

    2rds + 10 RX

    finally got the crossovers in rd 2–wish i hadn’t tripped up so much in rd 1–need a redo 🙂

  11. Made this up Thursday. Worked on hang snatch with 35# and felt some improvement.

    Metcon: 2 rounds + 4 burpee jumping pullups.

    Burned a lot of time in the first round trying to do crossovers before switching to singles. 😦

    • oh: 85# DL. Every time I do heavy DLs for reps, I hurt my back. So I kept it light. Still, I had to break each round into thirds, so it was heavy enough.

  12. Practiced snatch at 55# and C&J at 65#. I felt super tired from the previous two days.

    AMRAP: 2 rds plus 10 burpee pullups and 15 DLs. DLs at 105# and I did singles on the rope…kind of fun to do singles in a workout!

  13. Snatch – 1×1 at 125, 1×2 around 100
    Clean & Jerk – 1×1 at 135, 1×2 around 110

    AMRAP – this thing hated me. crossovers, really? i can’t do consecutive double unders after over a year at xfitrx and now i’m suppossed to crossover? right. 2 plus 10 reps. Started at 185, dropped to 135 bc back was terribly rounding. subbed 60 singles for 20 crossovers.

  14. Completed on make up day Thursday
    Snatch 105# 1×1, but ran out of time

    Metcon: 165# and struggling through crossovers. 2 plus 14.

  15. Skipped this WOD and did a swim workout with Hilary. I was too tired to do both like I did on Monday.

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