Monday, January 16, 2012

20 Minutes to:

Learn/Practice Front or Back Squat


Front Squat 1 x 1 @ 90%, 2 x 1 @ 77%

Back Squat 1 x 1 @ 95%, 2 x 2 @ 85%

(Note: it’s sets x reps)


Team Tire Drag

Teams of 2-3 drag a tire loaded with 50% of the average body weight of your team for a total of 400 meters (that is 5 x our 80 meter alley run kids…don’t take the sleds out on Dekalb por favor). Every time you hand off the tire, one athlete must do 5 burpees.

For Time.


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  1. Here’s a link to the article I mentioned during the workshop on Saturday. It’s a summary of how to get started with Paleo. If you have other questions or need anything else, let me know.

    And remember to LIKE the CFRX Nutrition Page on Facebook. Lots of tips and meal ideas there. Here’s the link:

    We’ll be scheduling a paleo pot luck for the end of the 8-weeks. Stay tuned for more info on that.

    Remember to pick a goal for the 8 weeks. Try to have that goal in place by Saturday. And be sure to write it down and preferably share it with us.

    My goal for this 8-week period is to continue with my dairy-free commitment and to eat more vegetables. Specifically I want to eat at least one vegetable with every meal, including breakfast. Notice that I didn’t set a weight loss goal. While I want to lose weight, I have limited control over what happens on the scale, but I have total control over what goes in my mouth.

  2. Hey everyone. I wrote a comment with info about the nutrition challenge. It has a couple of links in it so it is awaiting moderation. Just wanted you to know that more info is coming shortly.

    • And it’s there now. 😀 Thanks, Michael!

  3. 135 FS PR
    155 BS

    Great to have Sue as a teammate on the sled pull. 45# was plenty. took us just over 9 minutes.

    • Right back atcha, Meeks! Nice tire fabrication, Kelly.

  4. F S- 230 x 1, 205 x 1 (twice)
    B S- 250 x 1, 230 x 2

    Tire drag w/ Kelly: 11:?? @ 80#

    Much harder than I thought it would be

  5. Thanks to everyone who came to the nutrition workshop on Saturday. Due to a little late start (as well as my desire to share WAY too much information), we ended up not having we the time we hoped for to discuss the practical how-to’s. Pat and I were discussing holding a follow-up discussion session on Saturday, Feb 3rd after the 10 am WOD, but we wanted to guage your interest first. It would be informal…just discussion, questions, sharing what changes we have made in the past few weeks, what barriers we have found, etc. If you are interested, chime in! 🙂

    • I’m interested!

    • I’m in.

  6. Just wanted to say to Pat and Erica – thank you! (And thanks to the gym staff all around for pulling this together.)

    I have never attended a nutrition seminar in my life and aside from ‘eat healthy,’ know very little about the subject. Whether you want to pursue paleo or not, this was a really helpful and empowering talk that left me feeling quite a bit more informed about the decisions I can or should be making in order to be truly healthy. Luckily, Radha has long paid attention to this. So, we’re already on a good track – a far cry from the twice-a-day frozen pizza routine I was in when she met me!

    Thanks again to both of your for the effort and sharing all that with us. Really appreciated it.

    • Thank you, Christian for such a thoughtful comment. So glad you found it informative.

  7. Front Squats – kept it light due to back/hip pain. 155×1 and 135×2. Skipped the back squats altogether. Making an appointment with Sadri.

    Teamed up with Jessica A for the tire drag. We used 55#. 10:18.

  8. FS: 120, 115
    BS: 165, 155

    Sled drag: 8:25 at 55# with Tpoole

    I like the sleds! This was a fun/different workout.

    • oops, we did #50 for the sled drag

  9. FS# 95
    BS# 108

    sled pull 7:45 #45
    teamed up with mary
    sled pulls are fun!

    • Fast! Nice job, you two!

      • thanks joy! good job to you as well!

  10. 85# on both front and back squats; didn’t have time to do more on back squats.

    Loved sled pulling/burpeeing with Liz. It was a nice afternoon for it. We scaled to 35#. 9:10

  11. frt sqt: 130#
    bk sqt: 155#

    sled pull with trish:
    14:43 @ 60#

    this was harder than i expected especially after an hour of lifting

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