Wednesday, January 11, 2012

20 Minutes to:
Learn/practice Clean and Jerk


Find a “Max for today”:
1 Squat Snatch
1 Clean and Jerk 


3 Rounds For Time:
5 Clean and Jerks (155#/105#)
10 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups

NOTE: Attempt to complete 5 rounds if doing this RX; Strict 20 min. cutoff.

We're starting a serious OLY Lifting cycle...get ready to break in those Beautiful color plates!!

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  1. My body is telling me to rest today and make this up tomorrow morning. Or maybe it’s just my head. Either way, see you in the a.m.

    • Only did 185 on C&J as my forearm was bothering me and I couldnprevious clean my previous C&J PR of 230… Didn’t even bother with snatches as I didn’t want to aggravate my forearm more… And we have competition coming up this weekend… Team CFRX is gonna kill em on saturday!!!

      Metcon: 10:02 Rx 5ds

    • Sorry Terri…didn’t mean to post that to entry… Dumb iPhone!! Hi Terri…miss you!

      • Ha!! Hi Harold! Miss you, too. Go team!

        p.s. It’s quite possible I’m sick. Again.


        To sum up these past few weeks: Sick. Back injury. Sick again.

        Hoping this time it’s just an allergy attack,

  2. I had a great time coaching this morning. So good to have Danny back and to meet so many new folks (Jeff S, Krista, and Jenn). And it’s always good to see the regulars at 6 and 7am. Lots of good work this morning.

    Oh, and don’t forget to RSVP for the Nutrition Workshop on Saturday if you plan to attend. Please post to comments under the Nutrition article if you plan to attend.

  3. C&J – 150# (Tied PR)


    140# C&J
    Tan/Green Bands

  4. C&J, 135#. Attempted 140 and failed. My PR is 140.
    Squat Snatch, 85. PR is 95.

    C&J at 105 (RX)
    My blue band for CTB.

  5. C&J – 205, attempted 225 for PR
    Squat Snatch 155, attempted 175 for PR

    12 minutes is just not enough time to build up to PR, I guess I will have to come in some evening.

    Metcon – 3rds RX 5:48
    Glad tomorrow is a rest day

  6. c&J @ 115

    Metcon 8:14, first round at 105#, then dropped to 95#
    Did regular pull ups instead of ctb

    Great noon group again!

  7. C&J 1 RM 93#

    Metcon: 9:11, 83#, purple band, 3 rds

    I was pretty slow on this one but the weight was nice and heavy for me.

  8. good day at the gym!

    Squat Snatch: 80# (10# PR)
    C&J: 120# (10# PR)

    metcon: 5:51
    mods — small red/medium green bands for C2B pullups

  9. C&J: 110# PR by 6#s
    Snatch: 80#

    95#\ c2b (finally all unassisted!)

    Front squats 5×5 after metcon with Aimee:

    Felt really good today despite all the cleans this week. Fun watching the 6p crew rock it!

  10. Coming in tomorrow to do this one. I’ve got a question though.

    What’s the rationale behind choosing to have this be a 3-round workout unless you can Rx rather than having people scale so that the can do a full 5 rounds? I’ve noticed this trend in a few workouts and am curious what the thinking is. Does the focus on three rounds imply we work with heavier weight than we would if we were targeting five? Does that help build strength faster? Just wondering about the philosophy behind this.

    • good question. as we have just added a TON of (what can be complicated) lifting movements to the front-end of some classes, this one way we’re exploring to help everyone re-focus on quality of movement, rather than sheer workload. This specification does not obviate the responsibility of trainers to scale appropriately for athletes…it is just one way to modulate “intensity” and encourage scaling of workload with the aim of getting more “good reps” …instead of folks just going RX by default (but struggling and losing both speed & form). Some of our CF Games-candidates may use this added volume as built-in sport specific training as well.
      Basically, always use loads you can move mechanically well (e.g.,safely) consistently, then work as hard as you can for the prescribed period or at the prescribed task.
      Always happy to chat about this stuff 🙂

      • Cool. Thanks for this Mike. I like understanding what’s driving the training strategy – and am loving the reintro of a lifting skills session at the start of the sessions.

  11. 35# squat snatch
    75# clean & jerk (failed jerking 80)
    wod: 7:58 70# and purple band

  12. CFRX is magical!

    Squat Snatch @ 88lbs
    C&J (PR!!) @ 133lbs

    WOD RX (3 rds) @ 8:35

  13. C&J 165# (new PR).
    Snatch 95# (same PR, but doing so only 3wks s/p R shoulder sublux)

    Attempted 155# for METCON, but had to drop back to 135#. Still had difficulty on the 3rd round, but 135# was the right weight. Still need to work on more shrug and less bicep. Starting to string together kipping CTB.

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