Wednesday, January 4, 2012

15 min Snatch practice


Squat Snatch 5 x 1, heaviest possible, rest 60 sec between



3 Rounds For Time:
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (55#, 35#)
12 Pull Ups

Compare to 110906.

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  1. Please see the updated post for the Nutrition Workshop. Please post to comments under that entry if you plan to attend. Thanks!

  2. Big shout-out to Jeff C who did Helen RX this morning. I believe this is his first RX benchmark workout – certainly his first RX Helen. Pullups looked great, Jeff. Good job!

    • Pat, thanks for pushing and cheering me on…

    • You did, great, Jeff!!

  3. Helen: 14:06 Rx. Nice work 7 am.

  4. 10.32 Rx — just feeling a tad sluggish this week but glad that I am pushing through it. Nice to work out with my lady friends this morning!

  5. 14:02 RX

    As I saw my old Helen time tick past when I was finishing up round 2, I came up with a plan to wipe the slate clean and start over with all new times. So 14:02 is my new Helen baseline and I am excited to improve it little by little.

    • Way to go, Erica! Plenty of us are jealous of your being able to RX your ‘baseline’! 🙂

  6. practiced those snatches up to 63#
    Helen 14:25. Used red band on pull-ups. Getting the rhythm a bit better on the PU’s but still working to get in the groove.Nice seeing all the beautiful 8:30 ladies. Plus, Kelly, of course.

  7. Squat Snatch practice at 82#

    14:09 with red band for pullups
    That’s 17 seconds slower than my May-11 Helen with the same mods. I have lost ground on pullups due to the arm injury. All pullups were singles. I’ve just recently started doing them again, and today was the first day I used the red band since before the injury. KBS were all UB, but that’s typical for me. I could have pushed harder on the runs. Next time I will.

  8. Squat Snatch @ 108lbs
    “Helen” 8:22 RX

  9. squat snatch @ 108

    I realized that today would have been my 4th or 5th “Helen” in the 13 months I’ve been crossfitting and I’m satisfied with my last 2 times so I switched it up a little……

    11:35 (Rx) (70 # KB and C2B pullups)

    • Hellish Helen! should have run 800s

  10. 1407 RX- I’m pretty sure a PR but I’m still looking for a comparison

    • not PR but still pleased for the day

  11. Nice to be back in the gym after being out of town

    Snatches: 77#

    “Helen” 15:09
    Mods– green band
    Slower than last time, but with less bands and rx kb weight

  12. 73# Squat Snatch practice

    Helen in a Boat – 14:47
    500 m Row
    55# KBS
    Pullups with Tan/black bands

    My last Helen was 16:00 with 400m runs, 44# KBS, and bigger bands.

  13. Squat snatch @ 154# (PR)
    Helen: 8:25

  14. Snatch @ 98#, new PR for Helen, 12:08 Rx

  15. Helen – 10:29. This is nearly a minute faster than my only other attempt but I was nursing my ankle a lot more then so I’ll take this as a baseline rather than a PR. Did the KBs unbroken but had one break on the 2nd and 3rd rounds of Pullups. Ran rather slow… With some minor improvement, a sub-10:00 should be within grasp.

    Did practic on the squat snatch – using a 10kg plate under my left heel greatly improved my ability to drop.

  16. snatch practice @ 53#

    12:48 RX PR

    almost a 6 minutes faster from September at 18:40–super happy with this 🙂

    Kbs: round 1-unbroken; round 2-10/11; round 3-10/6/5
    pulls ups: all sets of 3/2

  17. Helen 14:17 Rx. Walked on third run from cramp. Singles on pull ups.

  18. Made up on Thursday:

    15:21 w/35# kb & my tiny red for pull ups. I’ve done it faster but this is the least band I’ve used.

  19. Made up Helen on thurs. 11:49 rx

  20. Made up on Thursday. 11:57 with purple band for pullups.

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