Tuesday, January 3, 2012

15 min Clean and Jerk practice


Clean and Jerk, 5×1, heaviest possible



21 -15 – 9
Squat Cleans (135, 95)
Ring Dips

Compare to 110115.

Yay Wall-balls!! (gotta love the crossfit stuffed animal)

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  1. “Elizabeth”
    8:33 (Rx)

  2. C&J – focused on establishing a 1RM. Got 152#.

    Elizabeth – 15:58 @120#

  3. C&J:
    I practiced all squat cleans during the C&J session. As the bar gets heavy (approaches my max), I have tended to not want to catch it in a full squat – which is a problem since that’s exactly when I need to catch it in a squat. So I did all squat cleans followed by a jerk. I worked up to 134. Felt solid with no reluctance to receive the bar in a full squat. Not a PR, but it felt good.

    12:14 (PR by more than a minute)
    95# (RX) and red band for dips
    Previous best was 13:22 with more band for dips.

  4. It was SO good to be back the gym today. Thanks noon group for the warm “welcome back.” This is officially the longest break I have taken from exercise since I started exercising regularly at age 17. I needed it physically, but perhaps even more mentally, and now I am ready to get back at it.

    C&J: Just practiced at light weight, up to 92#. Felt great to lift.

    13:33 Used 88# for the first 29 reps and 73# for the rest. Used blue band for the dips, which made them pretty easy but I think I’ll be sore regardless.

    I have good memories of the first time I did Elizabeth RX one evening a few years back when I was the only one in the gym with both Laura and Damon coaching(yikes). They said there was no reason I couldn’t do it RX. I was skeptical, but as usual they were right. They watched every rep and it sucked but I did it. Ever since having a baby, I have been struggling with not being back where was before I got pregnant. But that has been so unproductive. My New Year’s resolution is to be happy with and proud of where I am today, because the truth is I wouldn’t change it for anything, least of all my old Elizabeth time.

    Happy New Year!

    • Glad you’re back!!

    • Yay! Erica’s back!!

    • welcome back erica! you’ve been missed!

    • I’m so glad you’re back!

    • Glad to have you back!

  5. C & J: ended up with a PR @ 104# and it felt like i could have gone heavier
    (my goal for this year is to c&j my own body weight)

    82#, tiny blue band

    • Strong work, Pat!

    • Wanted to post for Pat and then for you, Jess: Wow, that’s great and I bet you’re close to your goal!

  6. FYI to my coaches and other CFRX friends: My back is effed. I hurt it during the first round of wallballs yesterday, I suspect because I neglected to do the trinity (or any stretching at all) before working out. Dumb.

    Today I’m in major pain and walking like Fred Sanford. Went to the doctor at noon.

    Hope to be better enough to see you tomorrow. This is highly frustrating.

    • No, Terri!! Sending you quick healing vibes. I miss you!

    • I hope you heal fast!!!!!

    • Rats, Terri! I’m sorry–get better quick!

  7. didn’t clean & jerk, I had enough of those during the team WOD on Saturday 🙂

    16:11 for elizabeth
    started at #63 but dropped to #53 because my form was bad
    med blue band for dips

  8. Worked up to 134# C&J. 14:55 on Elizabeth at 100#.

  9. C&J good at 152#, but could not jerk at 162#.

    Elizabeth did not feel good, even at 110#. 16:xx. Time to stretch out. Dips interrupted, but relatively quick.

  10. squat clean practice
    elizabeth in 11:01 w/ 42# and red for dips

  11. sqt clean practice

    Elizabeth 10:27 77#/Red band (3:30 min faster than 1 yr ago with same mods!)

  12. Clean and jerk: 1RM 230# (25lb PR)
    Elizabeth: 11:32RX

  13. 73# for Clean and Jerk (a PR).

    15:53 @ 63# and dips with red or blue band (depending which was available).

  14. Made up on Thursday

    5 x 1: 108 C&J

    “Elizabeth” — 16:40

    Mods– green band for dips
    Squat cleans felt heavy and were hard to string together

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