Wednesday, December 28, 2011

21 -15 -9 of:
Deadlifts 225/155 lbs
Handstand Push Ups

For time.

Compare to 110826.

Strong! Aimee P & Jessica K

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  1. Anybody have a primal diet book I can borrow? Thanks

    • I have lots of books on paleo/primal nutrition. If you are looking specifically for an intro to ‘primal’ eating, I can loan you The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. Also, he has a great into at his website. The intro is a collection of articles that I think are even better than his book. He calls this compilation of articles “Primal Blueprint 101”. Here’s the link:

      My all time favorite book on paleo nutrition is Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution. But I use my copy as a reference/text book so I can’t loan it out. I do highly recommend it though for anyone who is serious about evolutionary nutrition. This is a well-referenced book. Other excellent sources are Gary Taubes and Michael Eades. I will provide a reading list at the nutrition workshop.

      • thanks – Trish is letting me borrow her Blueprint, but I plan to be at the Nutrition workshop. Marks Daily Apple is great!

  2. 13.16 Rx
    3 min more than my PR. Have been avoiding heavy shoulder work for months due to shoulder/neck pain — perhaps that’s why I felt so much weaker today. Will have to work on that.
    All DL unbroken.

  3. 5:07 (Rx) — 3+ min PR

  4. 10:03, banded HSPU. Over 2 min PR. All DLs were unbroken. Yay. Great noon class!

    • You rocked it!!

  5. 10:58
    Mods– pike HSPU

    About 90 sec slower than last time but with RX weight vs 121# from before

  6. 13:49

    Used red/red bands for HSPU, least amount of bands since shoulder injury and back to where I was a year ago. Managed to get all 21 and then 7 of 15. Had to drop to big blue/red to finish out. RX weight – should have pushed myself to go all unbroken.

  7. Nancy! (and anyone else looking for a good massage therapist) – his name is Jo Jameson 404-210-7769, His space is in Studioplex in Old Fourth Ward.

  8. My first Diane was on 4/10/11. 178# DL, pike HSPU, 12:00.

    Today – 198#, pike HSPU, 7:38

  9. 10:xx
    187# DL
    HSPU w Bands: thick green and med black
    Felt good after WOD. More #, less band next time.

  10. UGH! First WOD in over a week…
    132 on DL (back is still iffy)
    banded HSPU

    HSPU were the slow part.

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