Monday, December 19, 2011

Unbroken Kettlebell Swings (70#/55#)


 10 x 100 Meter Sprint, Every Minute On The Minute

a.m. lifting

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  1. Early meeting at work so did this one in my condo’s gym.
    12:15 for KBS- used 35# and doubled the reps then ran a mile of intervals on the treadmill.

  2. 44lbs at 5:57. And pushed hard in those runs. I’ve got the shaky legs to prove it! Ha

  3. 35# in 6:35 ish.

    The transition from kb swings to sprinting outside in 35 degrees was tough on my muscles. Didn’t sprint as fast as I could on account of a muscle pull.

  4. Crossfit one day a week is easy… 5:00 on 55# and some jogs outside in the freezing ice and snow this AM.

    See y’all tomorrow.

  5. Swings : 4:44 (Rx)

    Runs were tough! Today was harder than I thought it was gonna be….

  6. KBS
    5:32, RX
    I thought this was tough! I really wanted to put the KB down, but managed to get them all unbroken as prescribed. Thanks to Kristin and Christin for “making” me do this RX. I worked out alone this morning and went in planning to do this at 44#, but I saw their scores on the board and decided to do it RX.

    I subbed rowing sprints for the runs because my hamstrings are still messed up from the sprints we did a week ago when I sprinted like a much younger woman.

    • Nice job!! It was tough!

    • Nice job, Pat and Kristin! I went solo too. 6:13 RX. Tougher than I thought. Hamstring is messed up too, so no running. Should’ve rowed.

  7. 5:51 — 44#

    Mentally tough day

  8. 4:45 at 55#. Wow. Most I’ve ever done unbroken! Glad I had a week of relative rest before this one.

  9. 6:45 #44

    I love kettle bell swings for some crazy reason 🙂
    felt to be back in the gym after being out of town for a week!

    I rowed instead of sprints (pulled my quad, again!)

    • Hey Jen. I tried your grips, but they don’t seem to help. They’re in my locker if you want to take them back. (Or if you don’t have a locker and want to keep them there, that’s fine, too.) Thanks for letting me try them!

      • too bad they didn’t help 😦
        i’ll grab them on wednesday…. working all day tomorrow and won’t make it in.

        I hope you feel better!

  10. 10:43 at 70#. First day using 70#! Unbroken for the 21, but split the next 3 rounds.

  11. 35# kb swings, 5:37 ish. Ouchie elbow, will hopefully try 44# next time.
    Jessica, I missed you at running time. Did Sprints with the boys. I didn’t trip and fall or cough up a lung.
    Good luck, Jessica, on the interview.

    • And you did a great job running with the boys!

  12. Nice work everybody!!

    I’m still struggling with this stupid cough and chest congestion. I may come in tomorrow anyway.

  13. Started at 70 for 21 18 15 but had to go to 55. Only first round of 70 was unbroken. Still the easiest kettlebell workout ive done yet. Time ?? Less than 14.

  14. 4:30 70# Stay back on heels yo in the late rounds.

  15. 4:54 @ 55#

    Rowing sprints with Boxley

  16. 5.27 Rx – all unbroken

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