Monday, December 12, 2011

 800 Meter Run

-followed immediately by:

5 Rounds:
12 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
9 Squat Snatches ( 95#, 65#)
6 Handstand Push Ups

-followed immediately by:

800 Meter Run
20 Burpees

For time.

Sunday, December 11, 2011: Fiona & Remy's 1st time up Stone Mountain (Fiona walked the whole way by herself)



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  1. 35:36

    33# for squat snatches and purple + skinny red for c2b pullups.

  2. Great photo!

  3. This was a killer! 38:10 @ 84#. Did 1st rd of hspu on GHD. Regular after that (w abmat).

  4. 26:05 (Rx)

  5. Ow. 34:39 with 54# for the squat snatch and pike push-ups instead of HSPU. Ow.

  6. 30:01

    CTB pullups with my blue band and old worn-out red
    65# (RX) squat snatches
    Pike pushups on toes, from the floor.

  7. 42:39 (tried to keep up with Therese)

    CTB pullups: did 4 CTB each round then used tiny blue for rest
    65# squat snatch
    HSPU: abmat

    Never thought I’d say that this was an awesome workout. 🙂

  8. Back at the gym after more than a week.
    30:28 with banded pull-ups, 33# and pike Pu’s.
    psyched to make it through all running w/o my hip burning.
    Glad to see everyone and get that ol feeling back.

    • Happy belated birthday, Sue! Welcome to the special club and glad you’re back at the gym! 🙂

    • So glad to see you back today! I know it’s been a rough week with your daughter. I’m so glad all is well. She’s a lucky girl to have a mom like you!

  9. 1K Rows
    Tan and Green bands for C2B PU
    77# OHS
    Pike HSPU


  10. 38:34

    blue/green bands for C2B
    55# snatches

  11. I’ve been slacking over the past two weeks. Voices in my head saying things like “I’m too busy to get to the gym!” (really? It takes an hour!) or “I’ll go in later this afternoon or make this up on Thursday” (um yeah) or even worse, “I don’t feel like running in the rain/cold.” (no comment).

    So, today was no exception since all three of these movements combine to make a perfect GOAT WOD for moi. But today, I shut the voices up and did this WOD all alone after coaching the 8:30 class.
    38:13 with CTB PUs (all singles), 60# SS, red skinny band for HSPUs

    Please join me on my No-Excuses-Sprint-to-the-End-of-the Year! Let’s do it!

    • Great post, Street! And good job.

  12. Right under 30min for the WOD
    -45lb snatches. Next time 65lb.
    -C2B one at a time

  13. red & purple for CTB; 35# muscle snatch plus OHS; pike push ups from box

  14. Made this up on the rest day.

    Red & purple for CTB, 20# squat snatch, pikes from red box.


  15. 31.40 Rx

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