Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 x 250 Meter Row
10 x 25 SumoDeadliftHighpulls (45#)

For total work time.

NOTE: Rest 2 min between rounds.


5 x 1 Snatch Balance, heaviest possible.

NOTE: Rest as needed; Racks optional. 

CFRX Holiday Party 2011 as RX'd...1st ever collective PR!!

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  1. Hey Everyone,
    If you are free on Saturday evening come on down to the GSU Sculpture program’s 40th Annual Holiday Iron Pour! It is a super cool event, lots of molten metal and fire. Kids love making scratch blocks and, for a small fee, get to go home with a cool cast iron item.
    I hope to see you there!!

    • oops, here is a link to some details:
      pour flyer image

      • It is FREE to come watch, and only a small fee for a scratch block or to attend the after party.

        • This is simply the coolest thing in the city. Come after dark for the full effect.

          Here’s a photo from a previous year:

  2. Had a major malfunction in timekeeping. All I know for certain:

    1 = 1:08
    2 = 1:04
    3 = 1:14
    Total = 26:31

    Not sure whether I did 9 rounds or 10. Thought it was 10, but the numbers didn’t seem right.

    Practiced snatch balance with a PVC.

  3. Row: 11:03

    practiced snatch balance with 33#

  4. Row: Total work time: 9:57. First was :56. Last was :58. Most hovered right at 1:00.

    Snatch balance practice at 33#.

  5. row total time: 28:23 (10:23)

    snatch balance: 83#
    form was wrong on heavy lifts (didn’t drop under the bar until after it was overhead)

  6. 10:16 for rowing
    practiced snatch balance

    and 1 soccer game in the rain 🙂

    Just in case you didn’t see this link on the blog yesterday….
    here are the photos from the party!


  7. Practiced snatch balance w/pvc & women’s bar.

    250 SDLHPs: wiped. me. out. 13:45 total work time
    Couldn’t keep up my starting pace– tried to keep good form.
    Splits: 54/55/1:08/1:21/1:06/1:31/1:25/1:51/1:56/1:38

  8. This was a tough one to time for many folks, especially when sharing the rower. Some people started before the 2 min rest, others after. No worries! It’s just WORK! Great job everyone.

  9. SDLHP, total time: 29:36 (Thanks, Jeff, for keeping me going!)

    Snatch Balance practice @ 43#

    • Great job, Jessica. You rocked it!

  10. Snatch Balance – 95 lbs. Needed a lot more time on this to get warmed up to see where I really am.

    40.6/41.8/45.5/46.6/47.2/47.2/48.7/48.2/48.1/47.2 – total time: 7:41

    Ben really pushed me so I was glad for his presence. BTW, This was much easier to measure using the 250m countdown option as opposed to watching the clock – not sure if the older rowers have that option but it’s a “favorite” on the PM4.

  11. Snatch balance – 156. Worked on dropping fast

    Metcon – total work time 8:22. Fastest row was 44 seconds, longest was 51 seconds. I will admit resting longer than 2 minutes, I think I averaged about 2:10 for rest.

  12. 9:29 Range 56-58

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