Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Minutes to:
(a) find a 1 RM Split Jerk
(b) learn/practice Split Jerk
NOTE: Racks optional, but if used specify “Rack” Jerk.  


Push Jerks (115#/80#)
Barbell Hops (over & back = 1 rep)
For Time.
NOTE: NO racks.


6 Rounds For Time of Either:
(a) 6 Rowing Muscle-ups
     100 Meter Sprint
(b) 3 Muscle-Ups
     100 Meter Sprint

Watching Mommie Workout

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  1. Thanks to everybody who planned that GREAT party Saturday night! It was so much fun!

    Can’t wait to see the photos! Ha!!

    • they are coming soon…..


      • Hilarious!!! Thanks, Jen!!!

        p.s. We’re such a bunch of posers, aren’t we?

      • Thanks, Jen! Having the photo shoot really made the party and then the fantastic pictures are the icing!

  2. Split Jerk, I worked up to 132 which felt good and Jessica H said it looked good. My PR is 141 from last December. I attempted 144 and almost had it, but my sick right arm gave way.

    6:39, RX

    6 rounds of RMU and Sprints

  3. Split jerk: 176# (pr)

    Metcon (1): 6:0? (Rx)
    Metcon (2): 5:13 (Rx)

  4. Worked out at home:

    practice split jerk at 80 lbs

    Metcon 1: 9:21 rx

    Practiced RMU

  5. split jerk: 117# PR

    metcon 1: 7:43 RX
    metcon 2: 8:27 rowing muscle ups

  6. Split jerk: 103 (PR) thanks Pat for the push!

    8:45 @ 73#

    8:39–did 7 rounds–oops

    Awesome job on the holiday party! Was so much fun!

  7. Split Jerk: 228 – ankle was to weak to try any heavier (old injury)

    21-15-9: 3:40 RX

    RMU – 9:46 – shoulders were toast

    • DANG!!

  8. 107 Split Jerk. Struggled today.
    21-15-9 RX 6:18

  9. Is it snowing on this blog????

  10. 138# on split jerk–new PR!
    7:40 on 21-15-9: 100#
    9:04 on RMU/run.

    • Congrats!

  11. 107 SJ
    703 at 77#
    Practiced rowing MUs with the band.

  12. Hey Everybody! Great party on Saturday! I’ve loaded a ton of photos onto an online gallery. You should be able to download whatever images you like. Kelly, Michael and Erin I’m burning a CD for you guys of everything. The images in this gallery have been resized so if you want a larger size let me know. I edited down quite a bit and some of you will very happy I did 🙂 but if there is a photo that you don’t like in this gallery email me and I will take it down.

    Here is the online gallery, hope you like!

    • awesomeness. period. thanks again lady!

  13. Not sure how this happened
    but I did the 1st MetCon portion at 5:58 at 85#-maybe I miss counted on one of the reps but I’m sure I hit all of them!?!…. :/
    2nd portion 10:20-running sucks for this gal 😦

    128RM Split Jerk

    • You’re so strong!

  14. Split jerk: 85#
    WOD 1: 8:35 at 55# (Did the 21 at 65# and then dropped)
    WOD 2: 8:00 even

  15. 73# for 1RM. This is 12# below my max in January. I haven’t been working hard enough this year, and it shows.

    Metcon #1 – 10:40 with 53#
    Metcon #2 – 11:30 with RMU attempts

    Thanks to Burke (Berke?) for his help tonight, and yay for Yellow Dog!

  16. 77# split jerk (pr from feb is 80)
    Tried 82# and came close

    Wod with 58# push jerk & barbell hop: 9:10

    Wod with rowing MUs and sprints (limping with injured leg): 8:48

  17. Always fun lifting my 6 am girls!

    1 RM split jerk: 85# (maybe had a little more in me)

    WOD 1: 6:41, 65#

    WOD 2: 6:58, rowing MUs

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