Monday, November 21, 2011

Squat Cleans (95#/65#)
35 Double-Unders


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  1. ~Holiday Hours~
    CrossFit RX will be closed:

    Thursday, November 24

    Friday, November 25

  2. Squat cleans @ 58#
    Time: 26:??

    Made up “Eva” yesterday: 58:12. No bands for PUs on first 3 rounds and used 44# KB. For rounds 4 and 5, added red band and dropped to 35# KB. Last “Eva” time was 66 mins and change.

    • wow Paige that’s impressive!

  3. Went to CrossFit Fort Walton Beach and had a date with Fran (wouldn’t you know)!

    7:32 rx

    Did 14 unbroken thrusters in round 1 and was very happy with that!

  4. Metcon: 17:27:(Rx)

  5. I chose to sub “Elizabeth” today since I did a bunch of DU’s yesterday…
    Squat Cleans @135
    Ring Dips
    10:12 RX

  6. So I went over the time limit but I finished maybe I should have dropped the weight.

    38:27 RX

    • YAY rx! You are really killing it!

  7. 20.24 Rx
    Harder than it looks.

  8. 18:35 Rx

    I agree with Erin. Just getting over a chest cold and my lungs were on fire today.

  9. 20:57
    mods: single unders

    Definitely harder than I expected.

  10. 21:28
    DU’s for first 3 rounds then switched to singles.

  11. I lost the Monday morning mind battle today. This is the first WOD I’ve ever just stopped – some might call it quitting. Could have finished eventually but just didn’t have it in me for some reason. Got through the round of 12 in 23:xx RX.

    Coming back tomorrow with more resolve!

  12. 33:??
    took me forever!
    I was a ding dong and did my single/DU like the squat cleans
    21-18- etc…… duh! Oh well I still got a good workout. The squat cleans were so hard for me.
    Thanks once again for the coaching Michael, I really needed a push

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! See you next week!

  13. 19:03. Knee felt really good. Got a knew patella brace for it. Squats lost a little form the last 2 sets.

  14. Re-aggravated my back doing dead lifts as part of the team WOD a week ago. Thought a week off was enough to recover, but was in serious pain by the end of my 250m row in warm up today. Did a more back friendly alt WOD:

    21-18-15-12-9-6-3 push-ups (games std)
    35 DUs

  15. A WOD right up my alley:-)
    19:34 RX

    Sqt cleans were light enough I got into a rhytm jumping up from a sqt to get my feet together without having to pause and reset the feet.

  16. 25 +\- minutes
    74lb (.8 Rx)

  17. 21:40 RX

  18. 25:16 with 55lbs.

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